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Page 1 - Transistorization of SU Fuel Pump

Page 3 - Australian MG Register

Page 5 - Lucas Info - Starter motors, Polarisation of Dynamos, MGB Circlip

Page 7 - Starter fitted to BMC MK II

Page 9 - How to Develop the MGC for Everyday Use

Page 2 - One Grease Nipple  - Two Destinations 

Page 4 - Lucas Info - Wiring, MGA Wiper Motors, Wear in Lucas Eclipse Drives MGB MK II

Page 6 - Lucas Info - Bearing Replacement, Alternator models for MG's,

Page 8 - Fitting Mazda seats to a Mark II MGB Roadster

Page 10 - LUCAS Distributors, Why they need to be remapped.

Page 11 - Air Conditioning your B-GT, C-GT, or B- GTV8

Page 13 - Polaris HUD Display Speedometer

Page 12 - Electric Power Steering for MGA, MGB & MGC

Page 14 - Know Your Tyres

Page 15 - Replacing a 12 volt battery with the latest technology Century Battery.

Australian MG Register - By Bruce Ibbotson.

An ‘Australian MGC Register’ has been established by the South Australian MGCC.

As of January 2017 there are 89 identified cars with owner and model details and another 80 that have been identified without owner details.

If any QMGCC member has an MGC Roadster or GT or knows of one please contact:

John Craven  - Email:

Below is page 1 of the register to show details if available.

The MGCCSA is in the process of producing a book to be called “MGC’s Down Under” expected to be available late in 2017.

I have contributed Chapters 2 & 3, this book will be of interest to all MGC owners worldwide as it will contain details of modified cars that we know of.


The MGC was a “Lemon” as it left Abingdon but we Aussies know how to fix most of the design blunders and many cars are really good now, John Caffin’s Supercharged roadster is an example.

Bruce Ibbotson  member #600.

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