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Established 1 July, 2017

This was formerly part of the Wide Bay Chapter and the members were affectionately referred to as the "Bundy Crew".


The number of members has grown so that it has now become a Chapter in its own right.

Chapter Coordinators: 

David and Jenny Cook

Home Phone: 07 41595116

Mobile: 0491278347


Bundaberg MG Crew - 30/04/22
by Dave Cook


We had a small turn out of five caravans, Graham & Marilyn, Jenny & I arrived after lunch on Friday to find Steve & Tracy already in position (they did not have that far to come from Gin Gin), Eric & Janelle arrived shortly after us.


After we had set up our caravans & prepared tea we had a good get together around the brazier fire supplied by Steve & Tracy. Saturday morning while Steve & Tracy had to head home to feed their Alpaca’s Daryl arrived without Laura as they had a sick Cat that needed drugs twice a day.

Once again a quiet day with many of the worlds problems solved especially around the Fire after dark.

Sunday morning the intrepid farmers headed of again to feed their herd, while the rest of us wandered up to the dam Wall & to the boat ramp, by the time we returned for coffee Steve & Tracy had returned to start cooking their camp oven stew.


Once again a very enjoyable night with a few wines & beer in front of the fire. The next morning most headed home while jenny & I headed for a few nights at Cania Gorge.

A very enjoyable long weekend with good friends.


Attendees: -Eric & Janelle, Graham & Marilyn, Daryl, Steve & Tracy, Jenny & I

Bundaberg Chapter Run - 3 April, 2022
No report

Bundaberg MG Crew

6 March 2022

We all gathered at RV1 (Quay Street).   Our Trip to was to have a look at a few spots around Bundaberg that we could use in the future. Then we are going to Barry and Coral Hosking private car collection and have morning tea. 

We had 10 cars for the day. This was made up of   Eric Beckmann, Dave & Jenny Cook, Peter and Val Walkington, Rodger Warne, Ian & Tracey Ninnes, John & Maria Learbuch, Les Stevens, Narelle & Daniel Damic’o, Graham & Marilyn. Bob & Sue Murray & Graham Brown.                 

Seeing we had a large number of cars. Travelling through town we had to negotiate, traffic and a large number of traffic Lights. Tail end Charlie did a great job with communication on the UNF Radio (Jenny Cook) Dave was too busy just driving his Red MGF.

Once we left the town area, we cruised out to the Car Collection.  A small amount of dirt road which was no problems for the Navara, as I hit low range. The MG’s just kept behind me without any problems.   Dave and Jenny were still in the rear as Tail End Charlie, Jenny was keeping me informed that we have not lost any cars in those deep holes as we entered the property.

What a collection, as you can see from the photos. Morning Tea was put on by Barry and Coral. We were all spoiled with all the food.   Once we had looked, admired, and had morning tea we headed off for lunch by the sea.  Well, that was the thought.  I called and called on the Radio, No Jenny was heard. No Red MGF was seen. 


I pulled up near the Hummock. A phone called revealed that Les Stevens , White MGB had done a starter motor at the car collection. that was the delay. While we were there Barry took interest in Dave Cook’s MGF & asked if it was possible to buy one, Dave Contacted Stephen Riley who discovered that John Boyce was selling his immaculate MGF VVC Barry purchased the car & Stephen Riley drove it to Bundaberg, so another MG in Bundy.

After a while some of us ended up at Burnett Heads in a lovely Park, where we had lunch

Another great day out

Eric Beckmann

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