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After having been sent a few shots of members from past, which were quite appropriately labeled "Past Masters of the Hill", we decided to dedicate some pages to our past by adding photos that our members would like to send in. 


Should you wish to contribute, please email them as an attachment to the club. 


Hillclimb photos will go on this page; photos from other events will go on the NOSTALGIA page.

Some will remember these people in the photos found amongst old 35mm slides - Will Charlton (right); Peter Rayment and Tim Harlock (below) John Campbell

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FROM 1975:

John Davies (Robb Holden) AFTER the nuts incident.

Kerry Horgan drove numerous cars in the early days of Mt Cotton, notably this Ford powered Mk1 Sprite, and must be classified as a 'Past Master of the Hill.'

Reply from Elaine Hamilton: Front seat passenger's name is John Weinthal, very well known in the club at the time. He then went to the UK for many years but is back here now. 


The following photos and comments have been submitted by Vern and Elaine Hamilton. Thanks for them.

The photo above one is of Vern Hamilton in the Centaur clubman, probably in 1968. He won FTD at least once in this and may still hold the record for the now non-existent under 1500 cc sports car class. The photograph was taken by Brier Thomas and is one of our all-time  favourites - the detail in it is incredible. Brier, more than 30 years  later, still remembers taking that exact photo

This photo is of Vern in our Elfin 622 with a very pregnant me holding his helmet. It  had to be taken sometime between May 1973 (when we bought the car) and August 1st (when Melda was born). More interest in the photo is in the view of the pit area.

No. 49 ... John Lungren .. lowline Mini .... Sports Racing Closed class. At Lakeside, Brian Schofield also ran a lowline, as did the late, great Graham Littlemore. Two lowline Anglias were also raced. Not a style that I miss but innovative in their day. A low brick pushes less air than a high brick.

Bruce LeGarde in the RJ Holden - He now drives a Honda Civic -sad isn't it?

John Davies in nuts. 

People from right to left:
- Andy Hockley in long socks watching.
- Peter Rayment in blue driving suit.
- ? in white shirt with racing car on front? 
- ? flaggie? 
- Steve Austin at tow truck.

The people in the photo of John Davies in the nuts in 'Past Masters of the Hill' may be Paul Bishop in the white overalls with the brown hat and Cedric Walker in the white T-shirt with the racing car on the front.


Anybody else have any ideas?

Kerry also qualifies for 'Past Mistress of the Motorkhana', here at Tingalpa, posing as "Grandma" in the back of a B driven by none other than Elaine Swan (now Hamilton). Can anyone pick the front seat passenger?

This is also Vern in the Centaur - more interesting for the profile of the track than for him and the car.

On the left is the Centaur again on take-off from the start line.

This could be more interesting for the return road.

Car No 71 was an MG TC Special driven by Doug Partington. The date is most likely 1976 QHC.

Barry Garner's Bowin in which he won the QHC in 1976.

No 72 is Peter Bull's Elfin 600B. Car No 71 to the right is Doug Partington's MG TC Special.

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