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The Club offers a number of social events throughout the year which are ideal for getting to know other club members in differing environments. They also allow those with cars on Special Vehicle Registration to make good use of them.

Our six Chapters offer a great number of social get togethers in the form of Club runs and midweek runs. These are all listed in the Club calendar and on their individual web pages.

We are all members of the MG Car Club of Qld which means that anyone and everyone is welcome at any of these runs.


Those planning a driving holiday in Queensland could check the Club calendar to see if they could include a Club run - either Brisbane or Chapter - in their schedule.

The information here relates to those in the BRISBANE AREA and to others visiting Brisbane.

Club runs - This term refers to runs which are organised for a weekend day, generally Sunday. There is no regular program for these so an eye should be kept on the calendar to find when these are scheduled.

Midweek runs - These are run from February to November and are always on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Sometimes an optional overnight stay is included.

Noggin 'n' Natters - These are social get togethers for those in the Brisbane area - or those visiting Brisbane - to meet up and have a good chat about cars and other things. These are held on the first and third Friday of the month at the Clubrooms from 6.30pm until about 9.30pm.  Members are encouraged to come along in their MGs. Our Club Captain, Don Webster, tries to find guest speakers etc to add interest to the night and encourages members to offer themselves or to suggest others who may be able to contribute to these nights.


Photos from Malcolm Campbell of the function held yesterday in memory of Ann Thomson and attended by members of her family who travelled from down south to be there.

Inaugural Meeting of Regional Chapters

MG Car Club of Queensland (Inc.)  - 28 September - 1 October, 2018
by David Miles, MGCCQ Chapter Liaison Offer


Queensland's newest regional chapter, Bundaberg and District, under the leadership of Eric and Janelle Beckmann, did us all proud with the clubs first, chapter organised, meeting over the Queens Birthday long weekend.


Commencing on Friday 28th September with a “Meet & Greet” at the Spotted Dog Tavern, located conveniently close to our accommodation, it gave the opportunity for Eric to outline the proceedings for the next few days, and club Vice president Ken Wasley to welcome participants on behalf of the club management committee, whilst refreshments and dinner were enjoyed. This was going to be a weekend to enjoy!


Thirty or more MGs and a few other makes lined up beside Alexander Park, wisely arranged into two groups with Bundaberg hosts taking up front, centre and “tail end Charlie” for each group, each sporting ribbons to identify that they, at least, knew where they were headed. This configuration, whilst it didn't quite go to plan, had us headed to Elliot Heads via a stop at The Hummock with its view over the surrounding cane fields. Following morning tea the re-organised groups headed back to The Hinkler Museum for lunch followed by inspection of the museum and / or Bert Hinkler's home which had been transported, brick by brick, from England.


The much anticipated tour of the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery didn't disappoint. The animated tour guides enthusiastically pointed out the procedures and plant by which the rum and associated products are produced, following which the anticipated tasting of products took place. Then was then a short drive back to our respective motels where more tasting of these and other beverages took place in preparation for dinner at The Rocks Restaurant just a short distance away.


Here we continued meeting new friends and old. With every Chapter of the MGCCQ represented, there was plenty of catching up to do and new friends to make, ensuring the future of this type of event for years to come. Eric, however, still had much more in store.

Alexander Park was the 8.00am rendezvous again. With a much more orderly start we drove in a long convoy to the seaside town of Bargara where we proudly formed the largest group of one-make cars as part of the annual Auto Mazing Show of hot rods, muscle and other interesting cars.  

So there was lots to see and, again, more new friends to meet and greet, as well as some 21 additional people and 12 cars from Bundaberg and Hervey Bay who took advantage of  attending just for one day.


And, after lunch, it just got better! We headed off to an unpretentious shed on a cane form where a local farmer has stored his life-long collection of cars – just nice cars, mostly Australian, but all in very good condition and all looking as though they could happily drive anywhere at all. There was even an MGB utility, claimed to be one of two factory prototypes! Oh, as well, Victa mowers, old tractors and a collection of stationary farm engines! If that wasn't enough, a magnificent afternoon tea prepared by Barry and Coral Hosking and helpers.

Then, as if as a fitting finale, came the storm. Rain is badly needed in and around Bundaberg, so perhaps our shiny cars provided the attraction. Fortunately we were spared the hail which transformed Childers, just up the road, into something that looked like a Swiss village, but it certainly rained.

Sunday evening was designated a free night, so we all made our own arrangements for dinner and began preparation for homeward journeys. What a great weekend it had been, but Eric, Janelle and Bundaberg hadn't finished with us yet!

Breakfast was scheduled at 8.30 at RJ's Rock 'n' Roll Diner - a beautifully presented venue well and truly “trapped in the sixties” and specially opened for our breakfast. All too soon, goodbyes were the order of the day, with many collective kilometres ahead for the departing participants.

Eric, Janelle and all those wonderful helpers from Bundaberg Chapter certainly presented a memorable weekend for the 99 participants and their 59 cars. It will be a hard act to follow, but I am sure the MG spirit will prevail and the next meeting, possibly in two years time, will, wherever it is held, be just as entertaining. It's truly amazing just what exists in our regional towns, and how local knowledge is so vital when it comes to seamlessly putting it all on show. Near perfect weather prevails at this time of year, so let's hope our government stops playing politics with the date.

The photos below are just a selection of photos taken at various events over the weekend by Eric and Janelle Beckmann of the Bundaberg Chapter and David Hall and Lyn Hayward of the Wide Bay Chapter.

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