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MGA 1500 I 1600 I 1600 Mk.11 WIPER MOTORS

LUCAS WIRING COLOUR CODE  - 21st September, 1961


In order to comply with the English S.M.M. & T. wiring colour code we have recently introduced several alterations to our well established colour code. The most important changes are that brown/yellow is now used for the "D" cable in the charging circuit instead of plain yellow and brown/green for the "F" lead instead of yellow/green. In Current Voltage Regulator circuits the ignition switch and lighting switches are fed through a brown/white lead to terminal B instead of brown/blue which is only used for the feed from the Al terminal on our 2-bobbin Voltage Regulators.  

The colour yellow with various combinations of tracers is now used for overdrive circuits.

Due to increased generator outputs the D cable from generator to control box has been increased from 28/.012" to 44/.012".

The basic colours are used for the following circuits  -



It should be appreciated that the fibre thrust washer Part No 291037 fitted between the Drive Sleeve Head and the screwed shaft on our Lucas Eclipse Drives wears in service causing an increase in the “out-of-mesh clearance” of the drive with consequent speeding up of the starter pinion on engagement, resulting in increased noise and wear of the flywheel ring gear.


This wear is particularly evident on the Chrysler range of vehicles which, contrary to the Lucas recommendation, use an unrelieved or chamfered ring gear tooth form where the possibility of the teeth meeting end on is more prevalent.


The thickness of this fibre washer is .093" and this should be replaced if found to be worn. When overhauling any starter the out-of-mesh clearance should be checked. With the Lucas Eclipse drive this should be 1/16" minimum to 3/16" maximum.


In many instances noisy drives have been quietened by shimming up the drive at this point by the addition of an extra fibre washer but, when doing this the out-of-mesh clearance must be checked to prevent any possibility of the pinion touching the ring gear when the vehicle is going up hill

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