The Club offers its members the opportunity to take part in two types of runs. One is the Day Run held on various Sundays throughout the year and the other is the Mid-week run held regularly on the fourth Wednesday of each month. There is also one weekend away, usually held in July.

These runs are organized to allow time for socializing as well as enjoying a drive with fellow enthusiasts.

Details of meeting times and places for the runs are advertised on the Calendar page of this website and also in the Octagon. A contact name is always given so that you can check on the latest details of the run.

Most participants drive their MG but other makes are not excluded. Below are reports and photos of some recent runs held by MG Car Club.

"Watch the birdie, they say!!??.... 
I can't see any b....y birdie!!!

VISIT TO ARTHUR MORRIS’s car collection – Report by Jeff Heslewood, photos by Jeff Heslewood and Phil Bryan


On Saturday 14 November, the MGCCQ was very fortunate to be invited to view the 1936 Auto Union GP Car of Brisbane businessman, Arthur Morris.


This is a truly unique vehicle which is being faithfully restored to reflect its heritage. I believe that I can confidently report that all 20 members and friends who attended felt privileged to see and touch this genuine example of motor racing history. Arthur is not just a collector. He is a “been there done that” type of person who obviously enjoyed showing us his wonderful collection of cars, speedway solo bikes & memorabilia which he has gathered over many years.


On behalf of the club, I thank him for this great opportunity.”

Those attending were:-

 Jeff & Greg Heslewood – Ford Escort

 Phil Bryan – Austin Healey

 Errol Hoger – MGB

 Don Webster – MGTD

 Dennis Kelly  - Mazda 3

 David Miles – Subaru Forester

 Peter & Norma Upham – Ford

 Andrew Manfield – MGTF

 Ross Kelly – Aston Martin

 Di Hiley – RAV4

 Trevor Jones & Randall Jenvey – Isuzu D MAX

 David Cutlack – Toyota Hilux

 Peter Tighe – Suzuki

 Tom Lane – Holden Colorado

 Neil Robson & Greg Hannant – Nissan

 Dino Mattea – MGL

MG CAR CLUB MIDWEEK RUN - 28 October, 2020

October mid week run........ by Denis Thomas 

The morning after the major storm on the Tuesday was fine and the Rain Gods produced a fine clear day as I had instructed.

Eleven storm chases arrived at Beenleigh for the start but all with concerns about the predictions for the afternoon.

This included John and Cherie Fransen from the Far North Qld Chapter in Cairns who were attending the Wide Bay Chapter long weekend in Harvey Bay....Thanks guys for your attendance.

Trevor and Ann Mills were our ears and eyes listening to storm predictions on the radio and watching BOM radar for early reports of pending troubles.

We travelled through Beaudesert, past the massive Bull statue with his covid mask, past the Kerry surf club flags included and the large blue painted gum tree to morning tea.

We were joined there by an abundance of Rainbow lorikeets some even perching on us others engaged in close interaction in attempt to increase flock....!!


Photos by Malcolm Campbell.

We travelled from here further through Kerry, Rathdowney and around Mt Barney which is always amazing at the different lights during the day and back to Beaudesert. The areas had greened up since the recent rains and as everybody remarked on the many magnificent Jacaranda trees in full bloom and surrounded by a carpet of their fallen blooms.

The clouds were building by lunch so after this we all departed to make our way home before the suspected rain and hail fell.

I hope you all enjoyed the Scenic Rim.

Participants were:

Denis Thomas – MGB

Trevor & Anne Mills – MG6

Ray & Sue Edwards & Dianne Davies – Mitsubishi

Lloyd & Karen Thomson – BMW

Trevor Penson & Sue Paniccio

David Miles – MG Magnette

Bruce Mutch & daughter – MG SUV

Val & Kerry Horgan – MX5

John & Pat Walker – Toyota

Tim & Lynne Bateman – Austin Lancer

Malcolm Campbell & Kathy Burford – Golf GTI

John & Cherie Fransen – MG Midget


MG CAR CLUB UK 90th ANNIVERSARY - 11 October, 2020

Congratulations to all concerned with our Club's contribution today to  the world wide celebration of the 90th anniversary of the formation of  the MG Car Club (UK Centre).

Malcolm Spiden and Don Webster came up with a great concept in which there was a recreation of the gathering together of members of the MGCCQ for our very first Club run held on 28 Nov 1954. The meeting place for that run was Kemp Place in the Valley - a place much busier now than it was in 1954 so recreating that event in 2020 obviously posed difficulties which Malcolm and Don managed to overcome.

Thanks also go to Mark Wellard who assisted by replicating the photo shoot in modern times and conditions.

Thanks also to all those who drove their MGs either all or part of the way from the meeting place at Mowbray Park to the beautiful Kholo Gardens.


Worthy of mention is the ages of the MGs taking part which ranged from Pre-War to the latest modern. Their entry into Kholo Gardens 
was a joy to behold.

Photos of the MGCC 90th anniversary event from Mark Wellard.

Photos of the MGCC 90th anniversary event from Elaine Hamilton.

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