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Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report - 9 August 2020

“Covered in Chrome” Mackay Harbour with Chapter run to General Gordon Hotel, Homebush for lunch.  Report by Richard Collier.

After several days of inclement weather leading up to the planned run, we were presented with scattered high cloud and mild winter temperatures, top down weather conditions.  Despite the COVID 19 pandemic still being very much a part of our lives, there was a good roll up of classics cars on display.  There were cars which are regularly displayed and some “never before seen” cars, making for some interesting discussions.  From an MG Chapter perspective, we were well represented by two MGTFs; MGA; MGRV8; MGF; two MGBGTs; two MGBs and a Porsche 911.  One of the MGBGTs had a turbo charger installed, generating considerable technical discussions and comments.

Recent arrivals and proud owners of a yellow MGTF (Mark & Ann Stephens) joined the group on the run to Homebush.  Other participants included Roger & Lesley Green (MGRV8); John & Sue Evetts (MGBGT); Jim & Lorna Forest (MGF); Rod Pacey (Porsche 911); Bruce & Mary Rose Ramsden (MGB) and Richard Collier (MGF).  The run sheet for the day was distributed along with a list of participants and contact numbers.  The Run Sheet called for the group to meet at Mount Pleasant from 0930hrs, with a planned departure of 0945hrs.  With a nominated run leader and Tail-end Charlie in place, the convoy of cars departed Mount Pleasant ahead of schedule. 

The prevailing conditions ensured the run through the Pioneer Valley was a pleasant drive, alongside paddocks of cultivated sugar cane and cattle grazing country.  All was going to plan until it became apparent that the tail was short a couple of cars.  A quick phone call soon established that Tail-end Charlie had a deflated tyre (brand new, owner not a happy chappie).  Decision made for remainder of group to travel on to Eton and wait at the rest area. 

After re-grouping, the convoy continued as per run sheet arriving at the destination (General Gordon Hotel) on schedule but not before some minor confusion when run sheet author/lead car discarded the run sheet believing destination had been over run (blink and you will miss it).  Upon arrival at the General Gordon Hotel we were joined by Graham Jones & Judy Langdon (MGBGT). 

The General Gordon Hotel, established in 1886, is surrounded by cane fields and located 30km south of Mackay along the Homebush-Eton Road.  It is not clear who named the hotel, some locals believe  that it was to venerate the memory of General Charles George Gordon, who was captured and killed in Sudan during the Mahdi rebellion, while holding Khartoum for the British government.  The hotel is a living example of a typical country pub from the turn of the century and on the day visited included saddled up horses tethered at the rear of the hotel, with owners enjoying a cool beverage.  Originally a single storey building, an additional storey was added following the destructive 1918 cyclone.  The hotel caters for caravanners. with a camping area set aside adjacent to the hotel.

Meal orders were placed and upon delivery to tables clearly provided a challenge for some due to portion size.  After meeting the challenge of lunch, group discussions ranged from future Chapter outings to current world events.  An enjoyable lunch was had by all, excellent food, facilities, company, and cold beverage (for those not driving) and an atmosphere which encouraged interaction and building of relationships.  Having been fed and watered by our hosts, the group began to disperse and go their separate ways.  The next formal Chapter dinner is scheduled for Friday 24 August 2020, preliminary details have been circulated.


Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report - 12 July 2020

Participation in Covered in Chrome car display at Mackay Marina followed by social run to Nebo by Richard Collier

Public restrictions associated with the pandemic COVID-19 continue to be reviewed and restrictions unshackled.  Chapter group members were eager to resume activities, confident they could remain in full compliance with the law.  The forecast for the day was high probability of showers however as the new day dawned, we were met with foggy conditions, a hot day was on the cards. 


Upon arrival the Marina precinct was noticeably busy as classic cars and boat trailers were competing for the same parking turf.  It was estimated that there was more than one hundred cars and motor bikes on display.  MG numbers were down (MGA MK II; MGY & Cobra), with some Chapter members electing to only participate in the mid-morning run to Nebo. The small group dispersed around 0820 hrs, to re-group at “The Good Guys” carpark North Mackay for a 0915 hrs departure for Nebo. 


The staging venue was chosen to allow members to get their caffeine fix prior to our departure.  The group included Roger & Lesley Green (MGRV8); Jim Forrest (MGY); Rod Pacey (Porsche 911); Ian & Eileen Hall (Cobra) and Richard & Lynn Collier (MGY).  We were joined en route by Col & Fay Robinson (MG Magnette) at his home on the Peak Downs Highway and John Vickery (MG B) and Cathie Meredith (daily commute) at Eton.  


The run along the Peak Downs Highway to Nebo was uneventful bar a couple of “wee” stops and a faulty warning light.  With light traffic encountered and the MG RV8 setting the pace , the MG Y managed the rear. 

The township of Nebo is located 96 kilometres south-west of the city of Mackay on the Peak Downs Highway.  The area was named by explorer William Landsborough, after the Babylonian god “Nabu” (Hebrew: Nebo).  The name Nebo was widely used for the town; however, the official name was Fort Cooper until it was eventually changed to Nebo in 1923.  Mining activity in the area has seen it operating as a support hub with some accommodation and maintenance facilities established however it is essentially a relic of the past with a pub, a general store, and refuelling facilities. 


In recent times there has been a building boom resulting in construction of new housing estate and judging by condition of lawns clearly a pride in establishing and maintaining.  A local museum has been developed highlighting past activities however is only available during weekdays. 


Upon arrival at the Nebo Pub, introductions were made with the joining personnel and a check of issues identified during drive before adjoining to the pub for a cool drink and ordering of lunch meals.  The service was good, the staff friendly and the food high quality.  Following lunch and “natter and chatter” covering a wide range of topics, some members elected to walk off lunch by undertaking a “discovery” tour of the town area whilst others began to disperse and go their separate ways. 


The return trip to Mackay was uneventful.  A successful post pandemic COVID-19 shutdown car rally had been executed within the confines of the approved pandemic restrictions.


Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report  - 23 August 2020

Impromptu Chapter outing for coffee and chat.  Narrative by Richard Collier.

Chapter members indicated that they were keen to get out and about, thus the conditions were right for a quickly organised impromptu event.  A run to Mirani, some 38 kms west of Mackay for morning tea was the suggested destination.  The weather was cool and mild , a typical winter day.  Chapter members were notified of the impromptu run including departure details.  Recent amendments to creating a CAMS Social Permit were tested, with a Permit organised on-line in minutes.  Four cars MGA MKII (Richard Collier); MGY (Jim & Lorna Forrest); MGRV8 (Roger & Lesley Green) and MGBGT (John & Sue Evetts) formed into a min convoy as they left Mackay for Mirani. 

The run to Mirani was uneventful, passing through cane fields under harvest and/or planting.  Traffic conditions were good however there were a few road users who demonstrated poor judgement at times.  Mirani is located on the Pioneer River, has an 18-hole golf course, Olympic swimming pool and a country pub which I am assured could tell some tales if only it could talk, given colourful history.  Following some “natter and chatter” in the park opposite the pub, members dispersed and went their separate way.  In a first for the Chapter, an impromptu outing event had been organised and successfully executed.

Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report 28 August 2020

Participate in “Natter & Chatter” and Dinner at Harrop Park Country Club, report by Richard Collier.

The resumption of bi-monthly dinners, a key deliverable from the recent “Whitsunday Chapter re-set” was an important milestone post pandemic shutdown of MG Chapter activities.  On the day, attendees were responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the venue, table reservations were in place which met COVID 19 requirements, and a meet and greet scheduled from 1800hrs. 


With COVID 19 still an integral part of daily life pre-dinner time was partially consumed by mandatory checks and paperwork whilst for some provided an opportunity to rekindle acquaintances and to consume a few ales.  Attendees included Roger & Lesley Green (MGRV8); Jim & Lorna Forest (MGF); John & Sue Evetts (MGBGT); Ian & Eileen Hall (Cobra); Richard & Lynn Collier (MGTF) with the group welcoming Paul & Dianne Octrin (MGBGT).  

With the club operating at maximum COVID 19 capacity, meal orders were placed with extended delivery times the expectation however the wait times were minimal.  After meeting the challenge of dinner, the group settled down to serious discussions ranging from future Chapter outings, life post pandemic and the new MG Dealership in town.  Promotional material covering MG’s first virtual Show and Shine event was also discussed and distributed. 


An enjoyable dinner was had by all, good food, beverages, table service combined with an atmosphere which encouraged interaction and building on relationships ensured a successful group outing.  The group dispersed but not before some, who will remain anonymous elected to check out the desserts on offer. 

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