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Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report 14th February 2021

Participate “Covered in Chrome” Mackay Harbour and social run to Eimeo Pacific Hotel by Richard Collier.

A new year has ticked over, Christmas is now a distant memory with new year resolutions made and for some already broken or at the very least tarnished.  2020 can best be described as “Annus Horribilis”.  The first scheduled Chapter outing for 2021 saw many “Covered in Chrome” cars out of hibernation and the need to access overflow parking areas to accommodate. 


On the day, humid hot conditions presented themselves, somewhat offset by a breeze from the south and the forecast for hotter conditions developing throughout the day.  Eight Chapter cars participated, Jim & Lorna Forest (MG F); John Evetts (MG B GT); Col Robinson (MG Magnette); Roger Green (MG Rover RV8); Rod Pacey (Porsche 911); Peter Mumford (MGA), Richard Collier (MGTF) and we welcomed new Chapter members Albert & Leah Scheepers (MGB).  


The program called for participants to disperse around 0830hrs and regroup at the Good Guys carpark, North Mackay from 0930hrs for a 1000hrs departure social run to the Eimeo Pacific Hotel.  The social run would also include the beachside suburbs of Shoal Point and Bucasia. 

After parking the cars for a photo opportunity at the Shoal Point look-out, a local resident offered to assist with the group photo and requested that she be allowed to include her immaculate Holden EH Sedan in the photo call.

Following technical discussions covering the EH Holden, the group set off for Bucasia and the Eimeo Hotel.  Upon arrival at the Eimeo Pacific Hotel, the cars were parked, and members quickly migrated to any shady areas to avoid the repressive heat.  The hotel perched on a small rocky outcrop is steeped in local history and can boast to have been in the same family ownership (Driscoll/Stayt) for over 70 years.  The location providing stunning views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Brampton, Keswick and St Bees Islands.  The hotel is located approximately 10kms (20 minutes) from the City of Mackay and has seen its fair share of cyclonic conditions and stood proud during such events.  


A table which could accommodate the combined group numbers was secured inside the air-conditioned section of the hotel complex.  Given that it was Valentine’s Day, the place was booked out and we were incredibly lucky to get a table, highlighting the importance of booking ahead.


Drinks and meals were ordered and consumed.  The table service was quick, and the food well received.  Topics discussed ranged from the pandemic management both here and abroad, world events, future monthly social runs and the next Chapter bi-monthly dinner scheduled for the fourth Friday in February at Harrop Park Country Club.  After being “fed and watered” and enlightened the group began to disperse with some taking the opportunity to explore local amenities while others headed for home and no doubt car cleaning duties before putting the covers on their pride and joy.

Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report, 27 November, 2020

Bi-monthly/End of Year Dinner at Sorbellos Italian Restaurant, Mackay report by Richard Collier.

Chapter bi-monthly dinners post pandemic shutdown had resumed and when combined with a relaxation of gathering restrictions, the “planets were in alignment” to schedule a bi-monthly/end of year celebration dinner at Sorbellos. 


A reservation was secured and leading up to the event the confirmed numbers continued to fluctuate.  Attendees were responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the venue, table reservations meet COVID 19 requirements, and a meet and greet was scheduled for 1830hrs. 


Attendees on the night included Roger & Lesley Green (MGRV8); Ian & Eileen Hall (Cobra); Paul & Dianne Octrin (MGBGT); Jim Robb (MGB) and Richard & Lynn Collier (MGTF) with eight apologies/late withdrawals.  

With the necessary COVID 19 paperwork completed, pre-dinner drinks were ordered, and serious dialogue commenced.  Meal orders were placed with extended delivery time expectations however this did not eventuate, table service exceeded expectations. After meeting the challenge of dinner (large portions), the group settled down to serious discussions ranging from Chapter outings in the new year, life post pandemic and the new MG Dealership in town.  To mark this auspicious occasion, attendees were presented with an MG Whitsunday Chapter Key Ring. 


An enjoyable dinner meeting was had by all, good food, cold beverages and table service combined with an atmosphere which encouraged interaction ensured a successful group outing. 

Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report 26th February 2021

Bi-monthly Chapter dinner and social gathering by Richard Collier.

Chapter members were keen to get together after the end of year break, the scheduled dinner/social gathering provided the perfect opportunity for some talk therapy however background noise would at times be challenging.  COVID19 entry protocols in place at Harrop Park County club were completed without issues.  Pre-dinner drinks and menu selection including placement of meal orders was completed.  The pre-dinner drinks began to loosen tongues and soon discussions were in full swing. 


Attendees included:
Jim & Lorna Forest (MGY); John & Sue Evetts (MGBGT); Roger Green (MGRV8); Paul & Dianne Octrin (MGBGT); Bob Evetts (MGC); Jim Robb (MGB) and Richard & Lynn Collier (MGTF/MGY) with apologies from three.  

With intermittent showers verging on rain, MG cars were safely ensconced in garages.  Prior to the meals being served, a brief group discussion was initiated covering planned 2021 Chapter activities and any changes deemed appropriate. 

Proposal tabled and interest expressed in the creation of a monthly member maintenance day to allow mechanically challenged members to undertake minor work such as annual car services etc.  Logistics including hoist access to be investigated.

The Club food menu was extensive, allowing for a wide variety of choices.  Table service was slick and the food presentation inviting, all of which was well received by attendees.  “Natter and Chatter” covered a wide range of subjects including COVID19, the next Chapter fun run scheduled for 14 March and the proposed inter-Chapter (Capricornia/Whitsunday) get together at Airlie Beach over the May Day weekend.  As the old saying goes “time flys when you are having fun” and it was soon time to be thinking of winding up discussions.  The scheduled dinner/social gathering provided the perfect environment for attendees to build on existing relationships, initiate others and solicit feedback on Chapter events. 

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