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Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report

12 September 2021
Participate in “Covered in Chrome” followed by brunch at “Charlies”, Porters Mitre 10 – compiled Richard Collier.


In what turned out to be an eventful morning, the new day dawned with clear skies and mild temperatures, spring was upon us.  Despite completion of car checks the previous evening, one was confronted with a flat battery in the MGA MKII when preparing to attend Covered in Chrome.  Following an assisted (jump) start, yours truly was about to leave the safe confines of home only to receive a call from Chapter member that his car (MGBGT) was experiencing power issues (loose charger belt) and that he would be a late starter. 


Trouble usually runs in “three” I thought, who says I am superstitious, what else could go wrong.  We didn’t have to wait long before the MGA MKJJ lost power in what turned out to be fuel starvation.  With a quarter of a tank showing on the gauge, the car had been on numerous trips in the past with similar gauge readings and no issues, we clearly had “good luck” on our side back when.  With the provision of liquid amber (fuel), we were soon on our way with no further issues.  Upon arrival the usual expected banter about what constitutes “enough” on a fuel gauge (TF has a calibrated wooden stick) was expected and taken up by Chapter members.

Competing car events planned for the weekend, it was a big ask for many cars to turn out for the monthly Covered in Chrome event at the Mackay Marina complex.  From an MG Chapter perspective, it was pleasing to record a good roll up. 


The “run sheet” had the car owners making their own way from the marina, to meet up at “Charlies” from 0930hrs.  With table reservation in place, members were seated, and conversations were quickly struck up across numerous topics with time out for the placement of food and beverage orders. 


The table service was quick and efficient, the food of a high standard and facilities clean and tidy with friendly staff. 


Attendees included Richard Collier (MGA MKII); Jim Forest (MG F), John Evetts (MGBGT), Jim Robb (MGB); Paul & Dianne Octrin (MGBGT); Gerry & Barbara Deguara (MGBv8); Rod Pacey & Beverly (Porsche 911) and Peter Mumford (MGA coup). 

Whitsunday Chapter (South Region) Report 25 June 2021. 

Bi-monthly Chapter dinner at Mackay Surf Club. Compiled by Richard Collier.

A deliverable for the Chapter is scheduling of a bi-monthly dinner at an agreed venue location around Mackay, this month being the Mackay Surf Club.  The Surf club has struggled in recent years for various reasons, a situation not helped by COVID-19 restrictions.  When making the reservation, the club representative was courteous and helpful, from a customer perspective the vibes were positive and were further enhanced when confirming reservation numbers prior to the event. 


Attendees were responsible for making their own transport arrangements to and from the venue, nominated drivers being the preferred option.  


Despite being the start of school holidays there was a good turn-out, attendees included Richard & Lynn Collier (MGTF); Roger Green (MGRV8): Jim & Lorna Forest (MGF), John & Sue Evetts (MGBGT): Paul & Dianne Octrin (MGBGT Turbo): Gerry & Barb Deguara (MGBV8); Rod Pacey & Beverly (Porsche 911) and Albert & Leah Scheepers (MGB). 

Upon arrival the dinner party members were directed to the reserved table, drinks ordered, meals selected/orders placed, and several group conversations initiated.  Once meals ordered, the table service was swift and effective, the meals were well presented with portions on the large size.  With background noise minimal, conversations continued during dinner and post dinner covering a wide range of topics. 


Topics included future outing destinations and car runs and the obligatory grandchildren escapades.  After two hours of “natter and chatter”, it was time to exit the establishment and go our separate ways.  Feedback from the group was positive with regards the facilities, quality and quantity of meals and the level of interaction which was assisted by a low background noise environment. 


Suggestion made that we specify the table layout arrangement where possible when making future reservations to allow for improved interaction when large group of attendees involved. 

Whitsunday Chapter (South) Report

16th May 2021.  Impromptu rally for coffee and morning tea at Mirani.  Narrated by Richard Collier.

Chapter numbers at the May scheduled “Covered in Chrome” meeting were noticeably down due to competing events.  A suggestion that we go to Mirani for coffee and morning tea in the town park was canvassed with members via e-mail, with positive responses received.  It was pleasing to record twelve people indicated their availability to attend.  A Motorport Australia Permit application covering the proposed event was raised. 


The developed “run sheet” identified a muster point at the Good Guys carpark, North Mackay for a 9.30am departure.  The planned route had the cars meandering along country roads, taking in cane fields, and grazing land interspersed with highway travel, allowing for a range of speeds to be executed. 

Participants included Richard & Lynn Collier (MGF); Roger & Lesley Green (MGV8 Rover): Jim Forest (MGF), John Evetts (MGBGT), Ian & Eileen Hall (Cobra), Mark & Ann Stephens (MGTF) and Jim Robb (MGB).

 John Vickery (MGB), a Eungella resident joined the group at Mirani; the choice of location significantly reducing his travel distance and resulting in eight car participation. 


Participants descended on the local diner only to find it temporally closed resulting in Plan B being implemented, the general store.  


Given the numbers involved, some time passed before all orders were serviced.  With food and beverage needs satisfied, the covered park benches were a welcome amenity and conversations were quickly struck-up covering a wide range of topics.    


After a period chewing the fat, the group started to go their separate ways, some returning home to Mackay whilst some took the opportunity to explore local attractions but not before agreeing on the next bi-monthly dinner (June) to be at the Surf Club, Mackay Harbour.

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