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  • FOR SALE - 1275cc Midget motor with 5 speed Toyota Celica gearbox. Engine No. 12CE\DA\H7555 bought at Abingdon Motors, Brisbane. Rebuilt, mild cam, lightened flywheel, higher compression pistons, balanced and with Weber 45 DCOE carburettor. Fitted to my A40 Farina, this engine has less than 15000kms on it. Gearbox is a T50 Celica box with a Dellow conversion bellhousing. Fitted late 2000. Driveshaft is included and was professionally built by Driveline Services, Archerfield.


Price: $3 950.00

Contact:  Allan Dunbar

Phone:  0419 705965


  • FOR SALE - Four MGA wire wheels for sale. Fitted with good tyres. Spokes tight and splines look good. Pickup Bundaberg.


Price: $450.00

Contact Ian: 0419646623


  • FOR SALE - MG B GT rear hatch and window glass. Good condition, 99% rust free. Comes with glass, badges, hinges, lock, trims and old rubbers. Pickup from Eaton's Hill.

Price: $200.00

Contact Ben:  0415 283 919




  • FOR SALE - Set 71-MGB which I no longer require. Looking for good home. Located Bundaberg.

Price: $250 or offer, plus postage

Contact: Leigh Noll
Phone: 0407 135578.


  • FOR SALE - Qld number plates  - MG 56 Z,  brand new, purchased over 15 years ago. Packet is opened but have never been on a car or out in the open. Intended to purchase an ‘A’ but rebuilt a ‘B’ instead. Attached is a photo.

Price: $650

Contact: Malcolm & Wilma Bell




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