CLUB CONSTITUTION - An update on amending the MGCCQ Constitution - "Time for a Change"

The MG Car Club of Queensland (Inc.) ("the Club") is governed in accordance to its Constitution.  Did you know that the objectives for which the Club is established are stated in Constitution and are:

            (1) To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches, and in particular, to further the interests of the owners and drivers of MG cars.

            (2) To promote, organise and hold all forms of automobile competitions as shall be approved from time to time by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CAMS"), and to offer prizes and awards in respect thereof.

            (3) To be affiliated with CAMS or with such other body as may be approved by the Federation Internationale Automobile (hereinafter referred to as the "FIA") and abide by its rules and regulations from time to time in force?


Our Constitution was last changed in 2001. Since that time there have been a number of advances in technology which means that some processes that are mandated in the Constitution have become very inefficient and are outdated because of new technologies e.g. in communication and banking.

From early 2018 a subcommittee was appointed who invited members to make submissions for changes to the Constitution. 

A number of submissions were made and together with a review of the Constitution against the model rules prepared by the Department of Fair Trading, the sub-committee has made a number of recommendations for change. These changes are available for downloading using the link below.


The draft Constitution schedule was presented to the Club’s General Meeting held September 20 for discussion and to progress the adoption of the Constitution forward.This will involve a Special General Meeting that will be scheduled to adopt these changes. All members will be advised of the date of this future meeting and the agenda.

Communication is an important part of change. Members are encouraged to take an interest in this process and look out for updates and notices in regards to this change. Should you want further information please contact the Club Management Committee at

Where can you get a copy of the current Constitution?  It is available for viewing and download from the link below. A paper copy is always held at the Club Rooms and available for review. A draft of the proposed Constitution is also available below and at the Club Room.

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