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This event derives from an earlier one called a Concours d’Elegance which originated in Paris in the early 20th century. It was a combined showcase of fashion and cars. It was revived at Surfers Paradise as part of the Speed Week held there in the 70s.MG Car Clubs formed in Australia from the early 1950’s picked up the event as one of their annual features and in 1970 incorporated it as a National event in their Annual National Meetings. 


Our Club has presented a trophy for Concours since 1962 when Denis Geary presented the Club with a trophy for this purpose.

The first winner was Tom Armstrong. The current Concours event is confined to judging vehicles for their relative merits in terms of finish, originality, cleanliness and appointments. The coachwork design is not a factor, but is for the purpose of determining classes, the determinant of the the marque. The basic intent of the Concours is aimed at ‘Maintaining the Marque’. 

(The above is a summary of the introduction to the Club’s Concours Procedures Manual.)  The full text of the manual – 50 pages – may be downloaded here .


The new venue for the Geary Sports Cars with Show and Shine was at Seventeen Mile Rocks Park on SUnday, 1 October, 2023


A beautiful October day provided a relaxing day for all who ventured to the site. With the Sunday Markets, we were granted access to the wide grassed area along the banks of the Brisbane River.   Access to the venue was arranged by the Brisbane City Council and the work by Don Webster.


Cars, members and friends attending were:

Richard Mattea fired up the 1933 MG Magna L Type, once engineering son and Formular racer Jeremy replaced the blown fuse. (Pre War MG)

Jerry Dietrich, Terry Jones, Gordon Bufton (MGTC)

Brendon Dyer: Andrew Manfield and Rosemary Rucinski (MGTF)

Michael Brown, John and Pat Walker, Mark Wellard (MGA Roadster) 

Ray Edwards and Susanne Somers (MGB Pull Door Handles)

Ally with father Graeme Walker (MGB Mk 1 Push Button Handles)

Paul and Kerry Strange, Neil Summerson, John Doyle, Peter May, Doug and Phuong Flanders (MGB Mk 11)

Calvin Mulder (MGB BL and Later) 

Steve Radford (MGB GT Mk 1 and 11)

Richard Miles, Gary and Dawn Lawrence (MGB GT Rubber Bumper)

Clive and Anne Mulder (MGB GT V8)

Cars, members and friends attending were: (cont.)
Ian Wardell, Anne Howlett (MGC GT and Roadster)

Laurie and Suzanne Godde (MGY Sedan and Tourer)

David Miles, Rich Johnston (MG Magnette)

Ken Wasley (MG Front Wheel Drive)

Don Webster (MG Specials Pre MGA)

Matt Johnson (MG Specials Post MGA)

Robert Chapman, Judy Mundy (MGF)

Chrystellee Semple (MGF/TF)

Demonstration MG: Stuart Armstrong in his Ausca MGA


Three Eras

Up to MGA: Richard Mattea

Post MGTF to 1980: Ray Edwards

Post 1980: Robert Chapman


Daily Drive: Anne Howlett


For those joining in the wonderful sunny day

John and Glen Boyce

Kerry and Val Horgan

John and Margaret Hansford

Brant and Selena Rayment


It was encouraging to see several families enquiring about more detail of the MG marque, having their photographs around and being seated in some models.

A selection of car photos by Mark Wellard.

For Sale now in Classifieds

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