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Established 24 May, 2008


Capricorn Chapter MGCC country members living in the Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Biloela and Moura districts can now enjoy more social activities with the Capricorn Chapter being officially recognised following the meeting in Rockhampton.


Founding members from these existing Chapters joined club President David Miles and Assistant Treasurer Kevin Ponting in Rockhampton for the occasion. Gurney Clamp was appointed Co-ordinator of the club's newest regional Chapter, joining Wide Bay and Darling Downs. After holding that position for 10 years, he resigned at the end of 2018 and the role has been taken over by Gary Kunst.

Jim Armstrong is the Coordinator of the Capricorn Chapter.

His contact details are :
Phone: 0417 544 222 

Please find attached the Capricorn Chapter’s proposed calendar for 2023. Click here

Check out the report on the All-Chapter Queensland Meeting held by the Capricorn Chapter here.

Check out the report on the Capricorn Chapter Far North Queensland Run from 7 - 16 August, 2023 here.

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MGCC of QLD., Inc. Capricorn Chapter Christmas Party

By Phil Henry, MG Car Club of Queensland, Capricorn Chapter

Photos by Phil Henry


The Capricorn Chapter of the MG Car Cub of Queensland held its Christmas party on Friday 1 December at Thai Restaurant on Norman Road.  With large numbers of members attending, the restaurant gave us full use of their side room, which we quickly filled with decorations, Secret Santa presents and people.


We have a couple of unique activities which we include in our Christmas celebrations.  One is the Janelle Thomasson award for Club Member of the Year.  Janelle was a young member of the Chapter in its early days, taking great delight in driving her MG Midget.  Regrettably Janelle passed away too young from leukaemia, and so the annual award is named after her. 


This year’s most worthy recipient was Rae Cowie, who facilitated purchase of the defibrillator and comprehensive first aid kit which she now brings with her on monthly runs in her capacity as First Aid Officer.  Well done Rae!

The other, slightly more contentious one is the Broken MG Award.  This one also dates from early days of the Chapter, when breakdowns were a fairly frequent occurrence.  While we were congratulating ourselves on there being only one contender last year, 2023 saw a plethora of unfortunate incidents in contention.  Electrical problems featured strongly in the list, along with tyre blowouts, mysterious loss of cylinders, and simple failure to start.​


Chapter Coordinator Jim Armstrong made much of this situation, drawing out the announcement with lots of technical detail about how points are awarded and the gory details of each incident.  Eventually, he announced the winner which was Wayne Kirwan who, although residing in Gympie, has been a long term member of our Chapter and participants in our runs, especially the biennial long run.  Although he is an electrician by trade, Wayne’s daily electrical problems on the August long run made him the clear winner.


Our Christmas parties are always good fun and, as we all know, the ideal way to finish off a busy year.

A Merry Christmas to all, and on to 2024!

Regards Jim

MGCC of QLD., Inc. Capricorn Chapter.

Coordinator; Jim Armstrong (0417 544 222)

Media Liaison Officer; Phil Henry (0434 017 132)

Run Committee; Jo Emmert, Clare Lynam, Phil Henry

Chapter First Aid Officer; Rae Cowie


Hello Folks, Please Find below the run report for last Sunday, 29 November, 2023. It was a little damp but we all managed.


Also final reminder to those who have not paid for the Christmas Dinner this coming Friday night. We need you to pay before Thursday in order to get the discounted rate of $35.00 per head. If you turn up on the night and your name is not on their list your will have pay $40:00 per head. Details of how to pay are on the attachment of the original invitation here.


Regards Jim

Capricorn Chapter Run Report  - Sunday 26 November 2023.

The planned run for last week to Cawarral and on to Kepple Sands was postponed due to the heavy rain in the district that fell over that weekend to Sunday 26th November.

However, the rain persisted all the following week but had eased a little by the weekend so despite heavy skies, our two groups departed from Rockhampton and Yeppoon to meet in Cawarral for smoko and then our annual elections. Luckily, despite the tables being covered by dust because of the previous lengthy dry period, the venue chosen for the smoko and election meeting was under cover because the rain poured down during this time. We welcome new member Neil Campion and first timer Heather Richards with her Husband Phillip who recently joined our Chapter.  Good to see Bruce and Wendy in their Mustang join us again as well. Jo organized the Lucky Rusty Door Prize and Gloria’s poker run which was won by Rae Cowie and the rusty door prizes by Joy Penridge, Terry Dwyer, and Sandra Armstrong.

The election was really a non-event as no new candidates had been nominated so the existing coordinator and committee were re-elected unopposed.

In thanking the membership for their support though, I asked that the membership to consider a new coordinator and committee for 2024-2025 as we will have held these positions for 5 years by the time the next elections are called.


After the election business was over, suggestions for next year’s runs were called for and suggestions were many and varied. Unfortunately, time will not permit us to do all the places suggested and so the committee will have to determine which runs will be planned for next year.


Meeting over and so we headed off the Kepple Sands for lunch with the only excitement on the way was when a family of Kangaroos decided to come out to say hello to Gordon who was in his brilliant recently restored E-Type Jaguar but Gordon being the diligent driver that he is and with the Jags very effective brakes, all escaped unharmed. 

On our arrival to the Pub, our table was set out and our meals arrived exceptionally quickly after placing our orders. There were local sporting organisations conducting raffles in the bar and our Henryka won a nicely presented meat tray after supporting them. Well done, Henryka.

Those in attendance were:

Jo Emmert, MGB

John Rowe, Joy and Daryl Penridge

John Sheppard and Henryka Mitchell, 67 VC Valiant

Jack and Rae Cowie, MGBGT

Phil White, Bob and Wendy Schoevaart 67 Mustang Convertible

Meridith and Ewen Sutherland, BMW Z3

Gordon Kelsey, E Type Jaguar

Pat and Lyle Fielding, Audi TT

Richard Hughes, V12 Series 111 Jaguar Sovereign

Gary Whight and Doris Lisle, Triumph 2.5 TC

Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge, Tony and Rosa Austen, Kev and Yvonne Carr,

Phillip and Heather Richards BMW Z3

Neil Campion, (new Member who bought Bruce Acheon’s MGB)

Sandra and Mysel.  MGB GT

Because of the weather some elected to drive their everyday road car and others elected to stay at home.

MGCC of QLD., Inc. Capricorn Chapter.

Run Report Sunday 22nd October 2023 - Kemp Beach Picnic Area

By Jim Armstrong

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon with cool breezes blowing across the bay when we gathered at the South Kemp beach picnic area. The tide was in which added to the ambience.

It started at Rockhampton when Jo mustered up the group from Rocky at the Govt Buildings car park on the corner of Norman and Yeppoon Roads, Parkhurst. Paul Lynam bought along potential new members Mick and Barb who I think settled in well to our group.

They, the Rocky crew, had a leisurely and uneventful drive to the coast where the Yeppoon group were now starting gather. Given the time of day we virtually had the area to ourselves and….. the barbeques were working! Thats a first for some time for our little MG Capricorn Chapter forays.

The group were contented to chat amongst themselves for quite a while whilst Jo conducted “Gloria’s” Poker run and the lucky rusty door prizes.

Soon and the barbeques started to sizzle and sent out the pleasant aroma that barbeques do which signalled time to start cooking. Several members who, being familiar with our experience with barbeques, bought their own portable units which lessened the cooking time.

As time marched on and the daylight dwindled it meant it was time for the happy group to pack up and head for home.

A short but well attended outing by our chapter. Paul Lynam bought along potential new members Mick and Barb who I think settled in well to our group.

Those in attendance were:

Jack and Ray Cowie- Bentley

Laurie Chetter and Beth Dunlop- MGBGT

Paul and Joanne Davey- MGB

Gary Whight and Doris Lyle-Triumph- 2.5 TC

John Sheppard and Henryka Mitchell -Jaguar MK11

Jo Emmert – MGB (Paddy)

Richard Hughes—Triumph TR8

Ewan and Meridith Sutherland – BMW Z3

John and Gail Newton- Jaguar E Type

Nev and Barbarba Funch- MGB

Trevor Andersen and Sue- MG TF (early)

Paul Lynam- MGA

Martin and Narelle Adamson-MGB

John Rowe-MGB

Gary and Julie Kunst- Land Rover Series 3

Wayne Bergman-MGA

Sandra and yours truly- MGB GT V8

Mick and Barb (potential new members)- Mini Cooper convertible

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