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Established 24 May, 2008


Capricorn Chapter MGCC country members living in the Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Biloela and Moura districts can now enjoy more social activities with the Capricorn Chapter being officially recognised following the meeting in Rockhampton.


Founding members from these existing Chapters joined club President David Miles and Assistant Treasurer Kevin Ponting in Rockhampton for the occasion. Gurney Clamp was appointed Co-ordinator of the club's newest regional Chapter, joining Wide Bay and Darling Downs. After holding that position for 10 years, he resigned at the end of 2018 and the role has been taken over by Gary Kunst.

Jim Armstrong is the Coordinator of the Capricorn Chapter.  His contact details are :
Phone: 0417 544 222 

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Click here for the Capricorn Chapter – Members MG Draft Run Sheet 2024.

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MGCC of QLD., Inc. Capricorn Chapter.

Run report Capricorn Chapter MGCC of Qld Inc.

28 April 2024

By Phil Henry
Photos by Clare Lynam, Kylie Lindley and Phil Henry

Put back by a week because of bad weather, Sunday’s run dawned clear and sunny.  With coordinator Jim Armstrong busy elsewhere, Clare Lynam stepped up to conduct a mystery run.  Not so mysterious was the onset of various uncertainties about time and location of the start but eventually all participants, including new members Kylie and Darryl Lindley in their MGF, had arrived at the carpark at the end of Norman Road.  Google maps does not identify the occupants of the buildings, I think it’s something environmental.  There is, however, one unresolved mystery.  Read on.

Clare then advised everyone that the first stop would be Mt Archer, where we would have morning tea.  It’s been a while since the climb up had caused any vehicular malfunctions, but even the crisp temperature didn’t prevent some cooling system problems, expansion tank lids and hoses in this case. 


As a result, with both bonnets up, Bob Schoevart’s Mustang and John Newton’s E Type are now in the running for the Broken MG award at this year’s Christmas party. 

hankfully, after brief running repairs both cars proceeded satisfactorily for the rest of the day.

While everyone was enjoying their morning tea, Gordon advised that his Hobart-based sister would be visiting and they would be staying over an extra night at Agnes Water to do the LARC tour which will not be operating on the Sunday.  He suggested that anyone wishing to do likewise should book accommodation quickly, as it’s peak tourist season. 

Yours truly also gave a brief update on arrangements for those traveling to the All Chapter Meeting in Toowoomba in August. 

After far too much fun, Clare announced that the next stop was St Christopher’s Chapel, just past JB Swift on the Emu Park Road.  We all arrived and soaked in some of Rockhampton’s history as represented at this serene place. 

With lunch time beckoning, there was one last drive-by visit to Glenmore Homestead before a quick dash up Belmont Road to the Caves Pub.  They were well prepared for our group and soon everyone was tucking in or enjoying a cold refreshment, some managing to do both at once.

Gloria’s poker run was won by Gordon and – the other winner is still a mystery!  Do let us know if you are that person.

And with that, another successful run was done and dusted.  Don’t forget this Friday’s dinner is at the Parkhurst Tavern.  Let Jim know if you are coming.


Clare Lynam - MGA
Paul Lynam - MGTC
Gary Whight and Doris Lisle - Camry?
Richard Hughes - Triumph TR8
Meredith Sutherland and son Ed – Lexus
Rick and Michele Taylor – Corvette
Ian and Judy Hamilton – Commodore
Rae and Jack Cowie- Bentley
Darryl and Kylie Lindley – MGF
John and Gail Newton – Jaguar E Type
Bob and Wendy Schoevart – Ford Mustang
Phil White – MGB
Gordon Kelsey – Subaru
Phil Henry – MGTF (late model)

MGCC Qld Capricorn Chapter
Run Report Rubyvale Trip, 16 – 17 March, 2024
By Jim Armstrong
Photos by Phil Henry, Clare Lynam, Jim Armstrong

Saturday Morning Yeppoon, wouldn’t you know it---Rain. But no matter where we were going, nothing but blue skies.

Our small contingent of the Yeppoon group gathered at the Oaks Servo right on 7:30 as planned before heading up to Rockhampton where some of the members were waiting. On pulling into the car park at the Duckponds we could smell a very strong odor of petrol. On inspection it was coming from Bob and Wendy Schoevart’s brilliant blue Mustang. Bob said he would go home and repair it and would meet us somewhere along the road but as our full contingent hadn’t yet arrived, we waited, and waited as apparently Clare and Paul Lynam hadn’t voted and were in the process of doing so. As it turned out Bob and Wendy were back in time before we eventually left at around 8:45.

Next stop was at Duringa for morning tea. Fairly uneventful trip so far except I had a complaint that I was driving too fast at 100kph in a 110kph speed zone. I offered the lead to someone else but got no takers so on we go at 100kph even though the speed limit was 110kph most of the way.

Emerald was the planned stop for lunch and the Star Hotel was the venue. After a delightful pub style meal and a refreshing beverage and topping up with fuel we were on to the final leg of our journey to Rubyvale arriving safely at around 3:00pm.

Booking in was another experience altogether as the Publican’s wife had just had a baby and the publican obviously doesn’t handle the accommodation side of business at the Royal Hotel in Rubyvale. Somehow, he muddled through it and soon we were settling into our digs for the night.

Not long after, most of us were enjoying happy hour whilst others decided to have grandpa or grandma naps. John was experiencing a small but annoying wiring issue with his E Type and with a bit of time, patience, but no Vaseline, he sorted it. Phil decided to do a bit of a reccy and returned with a few beverages and a local who looked like he had just come down from the hills. The local was gobsmacked when he saw the cars and all could say was, I have never seen these types of cars, only in books so as John said, that gives us some sort of good feeling doesn’t it?

During our Happy Hour, our Gemfields member Bronwyn Fidler, joined us for her first club outing with her bright red MGB. Bronwyn lives at Anakie which is only a short drive from Rubyvale. She and her friend Ray Smith who is a longtime friend of Wayne Kirwan joined us for dinner on Saturday night and she said she had enjoyed herself, requesting our yearly drive Calendar so she might join us in later runs throughout the year.Dinner Saturday night was a bit different insofar as we had prebooked and were sat at two tables and most of us ordered our meals at the same time. We sort of expected the meals to arrive at the same time but no, some got theirs virtually straight away while others like us received our meals about an hour later. Despite this the dinners were very nourishing and met our needs.

Sunday morning, as Murphy’s law dictated, Gunther who on last visit supplied us with a breakfast of apple strudel finished off with a toddy of port had closed down so we visited the Gem Mine a little further north of Rubyvale. The gem shop there proved popular and quite a few of our group bought some jewelry but Paul Lynam lashed out and bought Clare a ring to celebrate their recent wedding anniversary.

The next stop was the markets at Saphire where we were once again joined by Bronwyn and Ray. Here, some of us bought some prawns to take home, Sandra included. We live not 500 meters from a well-stocked fish cooperative who sells fresh prawns stocked daily but here we were some 250+klms inland and we are buying prawns for tea. All jokes aside, they were delicious and fresh. Jo did the same and later testified to the quality of the prawns.

By now time was marching on and some of our group decided to leave a bit early whilst others stayed to bid farewell to our local members.

The trip home was again uneventful with John and Gail stopping at Emerald to pay respects to family at the Emerald Cemetery with the others continuing home. Quick fuel stop at Blackwater and by the time we had arrived at Kabra our group was down to only three cars, nonetheless we stopped for a farewell ale and a post mortem of the week end before heading home.

MGCC of QLD., Inc. Capricorn Chapter.

Coordinator; Jim Armstrong (0417 544 222)

Media Liaison Officer; Phil Henry (0434 017 132)

Run Committee; Jo Emmert, Clare Lynam, Phil Henry

Chapter First Aid Officer; Rae Cowie

Run Report Capricorn Chapter MGCC of Qld Inc.

25 February 2024

By Phil Henry

This run really deserves a title, most likely referencing Murphy’s Law which says that if something can go wrong, it will.  Maybe a bit overblown but it’s certainly a story.

That story began on about Saturday 17 February, the day before the scheduled Chapter run to Byfield.  Coordinator Jim Armstrong rang to suggest that predicted heavy rain would render the location for smoko, Waterpark Creek, as muddy underfoot and definitely unsuitable.  A decision was taken to postpone the run by a week, and advice was circulated to intending participants.

Unfortunately two participants failed to receive the message and turned up at the meeting point.  Not surprising also, as the day had dawned clear and sunny!

Anyway, arrangements for the rescheduled run were put in place by Jo Emmert and the author of this report, Jim’s computer having been laid low by something technical and Jim himself by Covid.  With better weather during that week, locations for smoko and lunch itself stayed in place.

But towards the end of the week the forecasts were getting a bit grim again and so the location for smoko was changed from Waterpark Creek, which was still likely to be impractical, to Rae and Jack Cowie’s homestead, with solid concrete underfoot and a roof above.  But yet again the day dawned clear, with the large blob of bad weather on the BOM radar we’d all been watching overnight sitting well out to sea. 

Probably because of the potential for rain, getting acceptances for the run had proved challenging, with people opting in and out at a seemingly blinding rate. 

However eventually 7 people and 4 coastal cars met at the Woodbury Rural Fire Station, with 8 people and 5 cars arriving from Rockhampton not long after. 

Acceptances and late apologies were still being received and there were also a few no-shows.  Those driving sports cars mostly had their roofs down.

At last, with numbers pretty much established, the group set out back down Woodbury Road to Jack and Rae’s place, where the usual morning tea festivities commenced.  Jack regaled us all with a story from one of his UK car magazines about the use of MGAs, and then Daimler Darts, by the police forces there many years ago.  The rationale had been that to reduce the escalating number of motor cyclist deaths, faster police cars had been required than those in use at the time.

The Rusty Door prizes were won by Jo Emmert and Rae Cowie and the poker run by Robbie Galloway, with three queens.  After more chat and coffee, we all headed off to Byfield for an early lunch, leaving Rae and Jack, who had another commitment, with our appreciation for their hospitality at such short notice.

The actual run duration was always going to be fairly brief and, arriving before lunch time at the Byfield Store, their service was very fast.   The food was up to their usual very high standards and it wasn’t long before everyone was tucking in.  The run sheet suggested people leave after lunch at their own discretion, and this is exactly what happened.  Finally, we got one up on Murphy! 


Note: I sort of apologise for not being able to recognise cars that aren’t easily recognisable. 

Gary and Robbie Galloway           4WD
Gordon Kelsey                            Subaru Outback
Meredith and Ewan Sutherland    Lexus
John and Gail Newton                 4WD
Jo Emmert                                 Paddy the MGB
Brian and Glenis Russell              MGB
Paul and Joanne Davey               MGB
Martin and Narelle Adamson        MGB
Phil Henry                                  MGTF (late model)

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