Established 24 May, 2008

Capricorn Chapter MGCC country members living in the Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Biloela and Moura districts can now enjoy more social activities with the Capricorn Chapter being officially recognised following the meeting in Rockhampton.


Founding members from these existing Chapters joined club President David Miles and Assistant Treasurer Kevin Ponting in Rockhampton for the occasion. Gurney Clamp was appointed Co-ordinator of the club's newest regional Chapter, joining Wide Bay and Darling Downs. After holding that position for 10 years, he resigned at the end of 2018 and the role has been taken over by Gary Kunst.

As from 19 January, 2020, Jim Armstrong is the Coordinator of the Capricorn Chapter.


His contact details are :
Phone: 0417 544 222 
Email: james.armstrong@bigpond.com

The latest version (No 3) calendar of the Capricorn Chapter events for 2020 is available for download


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by founding Chapter Coordinator, Gurney T Clamp


After purchasing my 1972 MG B in Brisbane and shipped back to Yeppoon, I started driving it on every opportunity I got in and around Yeppoon and its surrounding area.

Then, one day I came across a couple driving  in their  red MG B doing as I was, so I caught up to them and found that they were from Rockhampton and doing a cruise around Yeppoon. Their names were Dale & Margaret Volling. I told them that I was going to try to form a MG Car club in Central Queensland and asked them if they were interested in joining a club such as  I was trying to form.


They agreed that they would be interested, gave me their contact details and I told them that they would be number 2 members. On arriving back home, one of my neighbors, Robert Hanson, called over to  have a good look at my MG and told me that he knew of another MG owner, Trevor Williams, who lived in Yeppoon. He agreed to take me to meet him and this visit turned out to be very important as he tried unsuccessfully to form a MG car club several years ago. He had a list of names and contact details of people that owned an MG in Central Queensland, which he gave to me.


I returned home and started making contact with everyone on the list, asking them if they were interested in forming an MG car club in Central Queensland. The response was just what I was hoping for so then, I had to contact them all again informing them that on Sunday, 4 May 2008,  a meeting of all interested MG owners was going to be held at Beaman Park Yeppoon at 9.00 a.m.


On Sunday, 4 May I was overjoyed by the number of MG’s and their owners that arrived at Beaman Park. They had come from as far away as Moura, Biloela and Rockhampton. All present indicted that an MG car club should be formed. I was elected as chairman and spoke on how we should go about forming the club.


Jim Armstrong and Gary Kunst who were current members of the MG Car Club of Queensland, suggested that we should seriously look at becoming a chapter of the MG car club of Queensland if this club had any chance of survival. The MQCC of Qld already had two chapters operating quite successfully called the Darling Downs and Wide Bay Chapters. In doing this, we would  have the back up of the MGCC of Qld’s support in legal liability, financial matters etc., if successful and accepted by the MGCC of Qld. All present agreed that this was the path that we should take and indicated that I should continue as an unofficial chairman of this fledgling organization.  


On Monday, 5 May 2008, I contacted the MG Car Club of Queensland’s then President, David Miles,  informing him of the outcome of our meeting at Beaman Park in Yeppoon. I then asked him what steps needed to be done for the MG owners of Central Queensland to become a chapter of their club.


The response was an overwhelming “We will be glad to welcome you into our club”.  He indicated that information would be forwarded to me and he asked me to call a meeting of all interested MG car owners to attend another meeting at a time and venue suitable to all concerned.

It was agreed that a meeting should be called on Saturday, 24 May, 2008 at the Rockhampton Golf Club, and the club president David Miles would attend.

He was supported by Brisbane members, Val Horgan, Kevin Ponting, Wide Bay chapter coordinator Ian Bryant and Darling Downs coordinator Trevor Watkins, all arriving in Rockhampton on Friday, 23 May in their MGs. My wife Gloria and I were invited to attend a dinner at the motel they were staying at in Rockhampton. And of course we attended.


On the day of the meeting at the Rockhampton Golf Club premises, David Miles addressed all present on functioning and policies of the MG Car Club of Queensland and what was expected of the chapters that are affiliated with them.

These discussions were well supported by the Brisbane members and the chapter coordinators, the late Ian Bryant and Trevor Watkins.


A vote was taken to accept that all Central Queensland MG owners become a chapter of the MG Car Club of Queensland, the result was unanimous. Next step was that we now need to find a name for our chapter. A few names were suggested but Capricorn Chapter was selected.


I was then elected as the coordinator for the newly formed Capricorn Chapter, the next step was to select a suitable time of each month to have a get together of members, once again a number of suggestions were put forward with the 3rd Sunday of each month be adopted, which was duly voted on and passed.  


David Miles indicated that the results of this meeting would have to be approved by the MG car club of Queensland and I would be notified of the result by mail, A letter dated 28 May, 2008 was received from MG Car club that the management committee of the MG Car Club of Queensland had accepted our application to join as the Capricorn Chapter.


After a couple of years at a Christmas function, Ian Wilhelmsen and Phil White suggested that we all should find interested members to assist in the running of the chapter, to which I agreed. Ian Wilhelmsen was elected as assistant coordinator, Phil White and Terry Dwyer as event committee members. Since then I have found that this to be of a great assistance to myself, as we now prepare the following years calendar in November of each year with suggestions of places we should tour to coming from individual members.



ARMSTRONG   Jim & Sandra - Moura / Yeppoon

BREED  Peter & Tracey - Rockhampton  Past members    

CLAMP  Gurney & Gloria - Yeppoon

CLARK  Stuart & Ada - Goovigin

DWYER  Terry - Rockhampton

FOX  Bill - Yeppoon  Past member

GUBBINS  Tony (Deceased) & Merilyn WEST- Rockhampton Past members

KIRWAN   Wayne - Biloela

KUNST   Gary & Julie - Moura / Yeppoon

MADDEN  Don -Yeppoon   (Deceased)

O’DEA       Tom & Kathy - Yeppoon   Past members

PIDCOCK  Ted & Margaret - Yeppoon   Past members

RUSSELL   Brian & Glenis - Biloela

SULLIVAN Pat & Stephanie - Rockhampton

VOLLING  Dale & Margaret - Rockhampton  Past members

WHITE       Phil & Pam - Rockhampton

WILLIAMS Trevor - Rockhampton  Past members

MGCC of Qld Capricorn Chapter.

5 September, 2020 - Run Report -  Father’s Day Eve Smoko by Jim Armstrong

Another glorious day on the Cap Coast greeted 19 members of our chapter for a leisurely morning at the Lammermoor Loins picnic area. The run commenced with Rockhampton members, Joy and Daryl, Yvonne and Robert, Tom and Janelle and Jo and Katie meeting at the Government buildings car park on Yeppoon road. This group led by Jo and Katie, then travelled to Lammermoor where The Yeppoon contingent of Lyn and George, Ian and Judy, Phil Henry, Gurney and Gloria and Sandra and myself were waiting at the park with the sunlit waters of Keppel Bay sparkling in the background.

It wasn’t long before everybody settled in and were sharing their delicious morning tea. Some elected to purchase coffee from the nearby Coffee Van.

The poker run was run and won by Tom and Janelle with the rusty door prizes going to Tom and Janelle and Judy and Ian and soon everybody was enjoying Turkish Delights and Freddo Frogs.


In the meantime, Michelle and her little pup Coco joined the group as Rick was on a 30km bike ride in the area.

Well, the thought of a “Tour de Capricorn Coast” sprang to everyone’s mind and were keenly looking out for the peloton to come by when Rick casually rode up on his, wait for it, Electric Powered Bicycle. Of course, younger members of the group had to take it for a test ride.

As always, time marched on and so some of our group went for a short drive to Emu park returning to Yeppoon for a casual lunch whist the others elected to return home.

Attendees were:

Joy and Daryl Penridge

Evonne and Robert Holbeck

Jo and Katie Emmert

Janelle and Tom Coe

Gloria and Gurney Clamp

Judy and Ian Hamilton

Lyn and George Ganter

Michelle and Rick Taylor

Phil Henry

Sandra and Myself.


MGCC of Qld Capricorn Chapter.

“Candles and Firewood” run  - 22 August 2020
Report by Jim Armstrong

On the third attempt of this run, it finally came to fruition. The first attempt was aborted because of a plague of mosquitos at the time, the second because of low numbers because of conflicting plans. Whilst numbers were still relatively small, an excellent night was enjoyed by those who did come.

The run commenced with a bit of a shaky start when we (the Armstrongs) were running late due to family commitments. A quick call was made to Phil Henry and asked him to lead the others of the Yeppoon group to Rocky. Now Phil obviously didn’r read the run sheet and started to go down the Cawarral Road when Gary Kunst advised him that is not what was on the run sheet as we were to meet at the Government Complex Car Park on Norman Road. The run sheet stated that it was was actually the DPI Carpark (author’s fault) which is on the Yeppoon Road but a quick phone call from Julie, Gary’s wife, soon cleared this little misunderstanding  up. In the meantime, Phil and his wife Margaret realised that they had left their barbque meat at home so decided to go to a local supermarket to purchase some more meat for their meal. (I would say the Henry’s two cats ate very well that night).

By this time we had rolled up, said our hellos and then the group all left carkpark for the Galloways on time at four o’clock. Three MG’s and two SUV’s following.

Getting from Yeppoon to Rocky is very straight forward but not so to the Galloways. Given the issues we had on the way up, Jo was delegated the task of leading the way, a job she handled well and we arrived at the Galloway’s without any further issues.

On arival, Robbie and Gary were there waiting for us. A toast to a very pleasant evening was held by Robbie. Happy hour (or four) then commenced. Jo drew the Poker Run and it was won by Katie with the lucky rusty door prize won by Robbie and Jo. Soon, we were all eating the Turkish Delights and the Milkyway chocolates which were the prizes.

Gary and Robbie rounded up their horses and one was saddled up ready for riding. Katie Emmert and Gary Kunst were the only participants to take up the horse ride. While this was happening our very own guitarist, Phil Henry entertained us with a selection from his repertoire. It was then that Jo took Robbie for spririted drive in Padddy, Jo’s trusted MGB.

It was quite a sight to see these two mature aged sheilas doing circle work in the lower section of the Galloways paddock! They both came back with smiles on their faces from cheek to cheek!


As darkness loomed, the fires were already alight and the open fire fueled barbeque was prepared.  Soon we were settled down to a feast of steak, sausages, onions, potatoes in their jackets and salads, then some lovely desserts of Cheesecake by Sandra and Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce by Clare to top it off. Gary G made his speciality damper cooked in a camp oven covered in hot coals from the fires. Scrumptcious!

At the last run, the Publican of the Keppel Sands Hotel presented us with a bottle of Shiraz and a Jim Beam cap which was to go to Phil Henry for the most desirable MG voted by patrons of the Keppel Sands Hotel (I think they had been there a while before voting) but as Phil had already left that day, Phil was awarded his prize this evening.

Robbie and Gary were also thanked for their hospitality and were presented with a bunch of flowers and a couple of small gifts. A round of appreciation from the crowd in attendance was given. Thanks once again Robbie and Gary for a really pleasant evening in a really pleasant place.

It would appear that Covid-19 is making its unwanted return to Queensland, so future runs will have to be held strictly in accordance with the increased Government guidelines. Out door gatherings are now limited to 30.  Next run is scheduled for Saturday September 5th, the day before fathers day to allow dad’s to be home with their families on Sunday.

Attendees wereL

Robbie and Gary Galloway (Hosts)

Clare Lynam

Jo Emmert

Phil and Margaret Henry

Katie Emmert

Gary and Julie Kunst

Laurie Chetter and Beth Dunlop

Sandra Armstrong and Myself and our guests;

Lloyd Armstrong (son)

James Armstrong, (grandson)

Elizabeth Armstrong and Nicholas Armstrong  (grand daughter and grand son)


MGCC of Qld Capricorn Chapter.

Run Report Sunday 16th August- Kemp Beach- Keppel Sands

By Jim Armstrong.


A Glorious Day, beautiful weather, typical of a late winter’s day in Central Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, this was the setting for our latest run.


This run was another well patronized short run and it was especially pleasing to see Bundaberg MG Chapter members Ray and Jaqueline Mutton in attendance and also that several members had invited prospective new members along for the day. Members who hadn’t been along for some time, Gyln Blair, Dave and Anna Tempest and George Ganter also came out for a day’s outing, good to see you folks.


It all started off with the Rockhampton members gathering at the DPI Car Park before heading off on an uneventful trip led by Clare in her recently acquired MGA and Jo in her trustworthy B, (Paddy) down to the coast to meet up with the Yeppoon crowd who had already gathered at Bluff Point Picnic Area at Kemp Beach.


Parking was at a premium as this area is frequented by the local fitness fanatics who run around the Bluff to keep fit. None of our group elected to follow suit instead setting up their morning tea which was shared around by everybody.


Jo ran the Poker Run and the Rusty Door Prize with the winners being Phil Henry (again) with a straight but only with him jagging the necessary 3 card on his last pick. That’s three wins in a row now for Phil, he must have some sort of system worked out. Rusty door prizes were won by Terry and Ann, Michelle and Rick, Narelle and Martin and Jo Emmert.


When everybody had their fill, the group was called together for a quick briefing on the rest of the days activities and also to remind them of our gathering at the Galloways the next weekend. We then mounted our trusty steeds (although they can be untrusty at times) and either headed home for some but most headed onto the small township of Keppel Sands.


On arriving at Keppel Sands, we did a small lap along their Esplanade to the delight of a lot of the locals and then onto the quaint Keppel Sand Hotel where they had all our tables laid out neatly and to comply with the Qld Covid-19 regulations. The meals were served up quickly and were very well presented.

One local charity came around selling raffle tickets and wouldn’t you know it, Rick who owns the GM (or the American MG as quite a few refer to  his Corvette) and who such a run of bad luck on the Myella Tour won his second prize for the day, a lot better run this weekend hey Rick? Phil White and wife Pam joined us at the Keppel Sands Hotel as did Ian and Judy Hamilton. Ian has just returned from a serious operation in Brisbane, get well soon Ian.  


All too soon it was time to go home and most started on their journey home but they should have waited a few more minutes as John the Publican of the Keppel Sands Hotel, came out asking where the little red Midget had gone. Unbeknown by us, John had asked four of his patrons from his bar to go out and rate which of the MGs they would like to own. And the winner was --------- Phil Henry’s Midget. John presented me (in Phil’s absence) with a nice bottle of Shiraz and a White Jim Beam baseball cap for Phil to wear whilst driving his Midget. Phil will get his prize next weekend. Thank you John, a very nice gesture indeed.


With that, the day finished and we all had an enjoyable run home. 


Those in attendance were:

Clare Lynam

Jo Emmert

Phil Henry

Gary and Julie Kunst with Guest Karen Gannon

Rick and Michelle Taylor

Jack and Rae Cowie

Ian and Judy Hamilton (Keppel Sands)

Terry Dwyer and Anne Burbidge

Gurney and Gloria Clamp

Trevor Andersen and Glenys Benson

Martin and Narelle Adamson

Brian and Glennis Russell

John Rowe

George Ganter (Kemp Beach)

Ian Henderson and Chrissy Johnson (Kemp Beach) + 2 Guests Sue Weston and Col Turton

Dave and Anna Tempest

Glyn Blair and his mate Jay

Phil and Pam White (Keppel Beach)

Bundaberg MGCC chapter members Ray and Jacqueline Mutton.
Sandra and Myself


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