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The Club has always had involvement with the general community and community issues throughout its history but it has become much more intense and formalized in the past few years. Below are some of the ways in which the Club is contributing towards the general community.

All British Day is the club's charity event and the most recent one was held in September, 2019. The 2015 amd 2016 events were very successful and in 2015, cheques for $5000 were presented to representatives of QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and RACQ Careflight. 


As a result of a very successful event in 2018, a cheque for $10,000 was recently presented to the QIMR representative, Graeme Higgs,  who is pictured receiving the cheque from David Robinson and Ross Kelly.

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ABC cheque presentation.jpg


Following the signing of the Koala Conservation Agreement with the Redland City Council in 2011, the Club can now proudly display this sign stating that our property at Mt Cotton is covered by this agreement.

As part of the agreement, a planting of over 100 plants including koala friendly trees were planted on 10 March, 2012.


Funding for this was provided by the Redlands City Council with the labour provided by Club volunteers.


(Click photos for a larger view.)


One of the most obvious areas in which the Club is contributing towards the general community is through its care and concern for its property at Mt Cotton.

In 2005, the Club applied for, and received, ‘Land for Wildlife’ status for the hillclimb venue where Club members and their activities have lived in harmony with the wildlife and nurtured the natural environment for over forty years. 

Animals including wallabies, koalas, echidnas, snakes, goannas, kookaburras, tawny frogmouths inhabit the property and the dam which was built over forty years ago and has developed its own ecosystem.


The needs of all of the wildlife are kept in mind in any planting that is done on the property and the advice of groups such as Indigiscapes and Land for Wildlife is taken in choosing appropriate trees and shrubs for planting.


A major planting took place in 2007 reflecting our commitment to providing a venue which is compatible both with our needs and the needs of our resident wildlife.

Interested spectators at a recent hillclimb presentation of trophies

Following are photographs of the venue, the wildlife, and the work going into enhancing the environment for our Club, our sport and our fellow inhabitants of the property.




1. In 2007, at the instigation of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS), AIMSS (The Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety) was set up and Clubs and other organizations were invited to become members in order to contribute towards enhancing safety in motor sport and also to benefit from the research work done by AIMSS. As the MG Car Club of Qld has always been conscious of safety in motor sport it became one of the first clubs to join the new organization.

A task currently being undertaken by AIMSS is an investigation into the
possibility of extending the legal life of racing harnesses by testing of a number of racing harnesses which are older than 10 years of age.

The hypothesis being tested is that currently harnesses need to be changed every five years adopting the FIA standard and that it might be possible to recommend a longer period between replacements. The MG Car Club of Qld is supporting this research as the outcome, if positive, will be of great benefit to a number of Club members.

2. The Tsunami which occurred on Dec 26 2004 was of such a magnitude as a natural disaster that the Club contributed financially to the appeal for funds to help all those affected.

3. The Club encourages safe driving through example; it also promotes driver safety and driver education through its 'Come and Try' days held two or three times a year at Mt Cotton. On these days, drivers new to the hillclimb are walked around the circuit and advised on correct lines and braking points and are also driven around by experienced drivers. These experienced drivers then take the passenger seat and give instruction to the newcomers for as many rides as necessary. The work done on these days is then reinforced by the presentation of a trophy for a Most Improved Driver presented to the best rookie driver at each hillclimb.

4. The Club has also made the hillclimb available for special days for people with special needs as it is a lovely place to go for a day out, especially if you get a chance to be driven around in some exceptional cars.

In November 2007, Brad Kirkness arranged for kids with cancer and their families to be given a day out at the hillclimb. The Club donated the venue, CAMS (Qld Office) waived the permit fee as their contribution, and a number of drivers gave their time and their cars to give these children and their families a day to remember.

This was followed in February 2008 with a day for vision impaired people. Club member, Greg Voltz, and his wife Karen took the initiative in organizing the day. Once again, the Club provided the venue as its contribution to the day and also financed the CAMS permit fee.

Greg succeeded in persuading many people to come along with their cars to help and so the participants got to experience the hillclimb from the passenger seat of a Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota MR2, a race-prepared Subaru WRX, an open sports racing car and, of course, a variety of MGs. 

Karen organised a BBQ for all and the day had a happy picnic atmosphere to it. All participants came back from their runs with huge smiles on their faces and, as one of them declared, 'that was awesome'. The Club thanks Greg for the initiative to hold the day and all others who contributed to its success.

Photos below:


In 2006, the Club worked with QUT to establish the MG Club of Qld Road Safety Award which is presented for outstanding achievement in the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Road Safety.  

The prize of $1,000.00 is awarded to the graduating student for outstanding achievement in the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Road Safety. The QUT Faculty of health is an international leader in specialised health education and research, and MG Car Club is proud to be associated with QUT by providing this annual prize for outstanding work in this very important field.

The inaugural winner was Bevan Rowland pictured with David Miles at the presentation.

Brian Keller was the 2007 winner of the "MG Car Club of Queensland's Road  Safety Prize," shown here with club president David Miles following the Award ceremony on Wednesday 20th February 2008.

At the beginning of 2009 a decision was made to redirect this money to more direct input into road safety by funding Safe Drive Training courses for Year 12 students in the Redlands area. Nine students benefited from this initiative this year.

Pictured are Club President Peter May (left) and Club Vice-President John Tait with the gift cheque for presentation to Safe Drive Training.

In late 2005, the Club decided to would fund a perpetual trophy, an annual personal trophy and a special tool as a prize for the Student of the Year in the Diploma of Automotive (Motorsport) course at the SQIT Warwick Campus .

The winners of this award have been:
2005 – Jarrod Bowles
2006 – Greg McIntyre
2007 – Martin Frenner
2008 - David Stillwell
2009 - Greg King

Photos below:

Bottom Left: Bevan Rowland pictured with David Miles
Bottom Right: Brian Keller with David Miles
Top Right: Peter May pictured with Greg King
Top Left: 2008 winner  David Stilwell pictured with David Miles
Below: Club President Peter May (left) and Club Vice-President John Tait

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