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2021 Qld Hillclimb Championships 29/30 May, 2021

What a great weekend was the Queensland Hillclimb Championships! Large crowds lapped up the fantastic weather and heated competition. The weekend proved to be highly successful, with a good entry list, a huge and enthusiastic crowd of spectators and some great competition on track which included one new member joining the Under 40 second Club plus some class records tumbling.


The good attendance of competitors at the presentation of trophies was another element adding to the success of the weekend. 

Four new open records were broken (Ross Mackay - Escort in Sports Sedans; Roy Davis - Triumph GT6 in Historic and Jason McGarry - Caterham R300 in Production Sports). Also a new record established by Alan Telfer in the Brabham BT 36-2 in Historic Group P.

We had a number of photographers on site and on every corner they captured the action.


Here is what Peter Buchanan captured at the Start Line. There is sound too.

Link to Malcolm Campbell's photos of practice at the QHC  -

Ian Colley Photography was at the QHC Saturday and Sunday. The gallery to be found on his web page 

Click here for OPR
Click here for Split Times.


The special trophy winners were:

Martin Tighe Trophy for fastest time by a Formula Ford

Rick Miles in a time of 45.45 seconds

Paul Aitken Trophy for Best Average Time by a Motor Cycle powered car
David Mahon in an average time of 38.78 sec

Hamilton Trophy for the Best Performance by an Historic Vehicle
Greg Tebble

QHC Fastest Lady
Pauline Graham

John English Trophy for the fastest time by a Queenslander
Dean Tighe in a time of 37.09 sec

Glyn Scott Perpetual Trophy for fastest time by a Sports Car
Michael Larymore in a time of 44.70 sec

Vince Appleby Trophy for fastest time by a Sedan
Ross Mackay in a time of 43.27 sec

Tasman Building Society Perpetual Trophy for FTD
Dean Amos in a time of 36.16 sec



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