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MT COTTON HILLCLIMB SERIES, Rd 4, 4-5 August, 2018

This weekend showcased the hillclimb and competition there at its best thanks to the work done preparing the venue by the willing bunch of Wednesday workers and all those who contribute to the running of the event over the course of the weekend. There was a good rollup of competitors and also of spectators

Competition was keen and a number of competitors posted personal best times over the weekend. These included  David Evans (Hyundai Excel), David Quelch (Formula car), Lyn Dickson (MGF), Joshua McAndrew (Toyota Corolla) and Daniel Duffield (Formula car).


Two competitors continued their run of record breaking runs with Geoff Cohen in his Bulant and Ross Mackay (Ford Escort) seemingly trying to outdo each other with the number of records broken - possibly influenced and encouraged by Greg Tebble's recent efforts. 


There was a good lineup of hillclimb specials pushing each other along which resulted in Fastest time of day with Michael von Rappard's seemingly unbeatable 37.51 final run forcing Dean Tighe to produce a 37.31 to take outright honours.

Top Six worked the way it was always desired it would -- six top openwheelers lined up for the event and , one by one, each one eclipsed the time of the previous runner until the final runner, Dean Tighe, topped the score with a 37.48.


Other runners were Greg Tebble (43.82), David Quelch (41.50), Warwick Hutchinson (40.82), Jim Milliner (40.51), Michael von Rappard (38.16) and Dean Tighe (37.48).

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Photos are of the presentation of trophies for Rd 4.  (Photo files can be requested by emailing

Photos by Peter Buchanan can be viewed on his Facebook page.

Photos taken by David Woodley at Rd 4 of the series can be viewed here.


Photos from Ian  Colley of both Saturday and Sunday's competition in Rd 4 of the hillclimb series can be viewed here.

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