Established 26 January, 2005  


The Wide Bay Chapter of the MG Car Club Queensland is the oldest of the Club’s established Chapters. It was founded in 2005 by a circle of dedicated sports car enthusiasts located in Hervey Bay and celebrates its anniversary every Australia Day when, by Presidential fiat, it was brought into official existence.

The Chapter continues to grow with its coverage including the rural cities of Maryborough, Hervey Bay and Gympie, as well as the smaller country towns between. If you are young at heart, fancy sports cars and the MG Marque, reside in our area and relish company, come and join us at the MGCCQ (Wide Bay Chapter).

Chapter Coordinators: 

David Hall - Phone: 07 4125 8436, Mobile:  0407 573 326, Email: widebaymg@gmail.com

Lyn Hayward -  Mobile: 0407 573 326

Wide Bay Chapter Combined Chapters Meeting - 23 - 26 October 2020


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On Wednesday, 12 August the Wide Bay chapter decided to have a picnic run to Maryborough .

We had 9 cars meet at the information Centre Hervey Bay for the trip to Maryborough 17 members were very pleased to be there and looking forward to a run in their cars. It was lovely to greet Bob and Lyn in their beautiful Red MGC Roadster and get to see Rod's newest edition, a Lamborghini  V10 Quad Cam with 600 HP WOW I called it a Go Kart on steroids, a nice piece of Italian engineering.

We travelled to Maryborough where we picked up another 4 cars and 8 members Hard to get them interested in driving their cars at this point however good to see everyone enjoying the club. We travelled out to Maryborough west and the Wook Koo Park where we managed to social distance and have our Morning tea.

It was good to see Dianne and Bob there waiting for us as Dianne had just had a Hip replacement and at the moment unable to get in and out of their MG.


After Morning Tea we headed back to Maryborough and Queens Park where we had our Lunch looking out over the beautiful Mary River.


It was a lovely day out, all enjoyed the places we visited and the company of all the members I know our guests were more than happy with their day out with the Wide Bay Chapter.


David & Lyn

Wide Bay Chapter



Saturday, 1 August 2020
One of the biggest Car and Aero displays for the Fraser Coast was held at the Maryborough Airport on the 

The Maryborough Aero Club put on the event after an incredible amount of Health & Safety Regulations forced on them by Qld Health due to the Corona Virus crises and they are to be congratulated for their willingness to go the distance to enable us to enjoy a fantastic day out with our cars.


The Wide Bay Chapter had Pride of place in the Car display as one of our Members was a principal organiser of the event. With 16 Cars on display and 30 Members present we represented the MGCCQ in our usual dignified manner.


A highlight of the event for us was when Kevin Sly was awarded  the best Sports car on show with his unique MGC Roadster sporting the triple SU Carbies. There was no one more surprised than Kevin. His wife Marie has just had Knee replacement and she wasn't able to come however I bet she will enjoy a nice glass of champagne as a celebration win when Kevin gets home . 


The story of Kevin and Marie with our Club started at Wings & Wheels back in 2018 where they were displaying their Holden HJ Ute with a slide out Caravan on the back we got talking and they were new to the area.

We invited them to come on some runs with us and the rest is history; they both fitted in like a house on fire Kevin & Maree buying the MGC Roadster from Ellen Wilson and Kevin hasn't stopped smiling since, now this tops it off !


It was nice to see our southern members Peter and Delia also Wayne and Megan come up from the Cooroy & Gympie areas and some of our older past members just dropping in to say Hi. All enjoyed the Aero display with Spitfires and Corvettes taking off and landing, Aero displays of numerous other aircraft even the opportunity  to take a flight in an Ex Navy War bird  what a fantastic experience some had the opportunity of achieving.


Another great well organised day at Wings Wheels & War Birds congratulations must go to the Maryborough Aero Club for the great organising ability of the Committee and all others that were involved.  It was one Big Effort by all.


With these shows it is always an opportunity to meet the public, show off our cars and also an opportunity to get some new members on this occasion. I gave out quite a number of MGCCQ  application forms for people wishing to join us on our outings.


By David Hall



Sunday 19 July, 2020 saw us meet up at our usual spot on a beautiful, sunny winter’s day. We headed towards Maryborough to meet a few more members, then on to Teddington Weir Picnic area where we pulled up for morning tea.

We spent nearly an hour chatting away, almost forgetting the time. Packed up and then headed back through Maryborough and across the Bruce Highway to our lunch destination, The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary.

We had all brought our picnic and sat around  enjoying our lunch in a really beautiful park area. It was a small group this time, but we enjoyed catching up with each other and discussing our isolation stories and trying to think of things to do for the rest of the year.

Rodger suggested to David that maybe we could possibly do a trip with our caravans for a couple of nights somewhere close by. One place was suggested, and will be looked into further. After lunch we entered the Sanctuary itself to wander around with the various animals.

There were dozens of kangaroos just walking around and sun baking, and some had Joey’s in their pouches, others were feeding their Joey’s. No matter how old I get, or how many times I see them, I still think they are a truly beautiful animal and so uniquely Australian. We were able to hand feed them which is always great. There were a few other types of animals, birds and a few reptiles to look at.

It was a fabulous day, both weather wise and setting. The Sanctuary is a bit run down unfortunately as they too have suffered great monetary loss due to Covid, the reason why there are a lot of animals no longer there. I hope they can get it back to its former glory.

A big get well soon to our member Maree who has just had a total knee replacement. I saw her the other day and she is doing well and looking forward to getting back out with us.

Cheers Everyone, till next time.

Loraine Wilson


An Interesting Story!!


An S2E (Tracker) aircraft pilot, Mike Killingsworth purchased his TC in Melbourne in the 70’s and asked permission to carry it to Sydney on HMAS Melbourne as he was flying from the ship at the time. He was granted permission and the car was duly ties down in C Hangar at the back of the after (rear) aircraft lift. After a while a pipe was made across the ships loudspeakers, for Sub Lieutenant Killingsworth to the Bridge. Thinking he was in trouble Mike arrived at the Bridge with a worried expression only to be sat down by the Captain to talk about the lovely car… Later it was brought up for the cameras and put on the catapult as if ready to launch!  Mike still has the car, among many other great cars and still has a great sense of humour. I am sure he is still in the Victorian branch of the MG club…


By Peter Dore' MGCCQ Wide Bay Chapter Q 5003

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