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2023 MG National Meeting, 7 - 11 April, 2023.

The 52nd MG National Meeting was held over the Easter period 7 to 11 April with the event centred in and around Adelaide. Base for the Queenslanders was the Glenelg Motel where they had been in 2010 and 2017. Yes the proprietors still allowed them to stay.

Friday was Registration day with the Noggin 'N Natter that evening along with the Rocker Cover Racing event.

Saturday was devoted to the Concours which was situated at the Wigley Reserve at Glenelg just a stone’s throw from the Glenelg Motel provided you can throw the stone that distance.

Awards for Concours class winner for Queensland members were Tony Basham (Pre War Sports under 1000 ccs, MG M Type), Ray Edwards (MGB Mk 1 Pull Handles), David Hall (MG Midget), Wayne Kirwan (pre MGA Specials, MGTF), Matt Johnson (Post MGTF Specials, MGB), with second placing to Tony Basham (Pre War Sports under 1000 ccs, MG P Type), Megan Perrett (MGTF), Delia Rayment (MG Y Saloon and Tourer), third places Steve Riley (Super Specials, MGB V8) with fellow place getters Brian Phillips (MGTC), Malcolm Spiden (MGB GT), Ian Fettes (Post MGTF Specials, MG Magnette), Cathy Bartley (MG ZS).

Theme for Saturday evening was Disney Films.

Sunday choice for those who wanted a social tour or for competition the motorkhana at Tailem bend on the bitumen area used for drifting events.

The Kimber Run ventured south of Adelaide with a cruise up to the summit of Mount Lofty then through the Southern Adelaide Hills Wine Region areas around McLaren Vale, Echung and Hahndorf. Some 94 MG cars were on the tour with the lunch at the Hahndorf Oval really called the German Arms Oval.

At the motorkhana venue the test were Try Angles, Happy Birthday and Loopy Slalom. Class wins to Ray Edwards, Malcolm Spiden, Wayne Kirwan with second places to Megan Perrett having her first motorkhana event and Matt Johnson, a third place to Delia Rayment with Peter Rayment in fourth spot.

On Monday the choices were a Navigation run through the Northern Adelaide Hills Wine Region or a Social run which followed the observation route or the Super Sprint at Tailem Bend using the West Circuit track at The Bend.

Navigation Group 1 (Pre MGA cars) Wayne Kirwan and Megan Perrett in second place whist in Group 6 (Modern MG Post MGTF cars) Cathy Bartley and Alan Quinan finished in sixth place.

Super Sprint Class winners Ray Edwards and Malcolm Spiden with a second place to Steve Riley, third place to Peter Rayment and Matt Johnson with a class place to Ian Fettes.

Monday evening was the presentation of awards for the meeting:

Photograph awards for Still, Novelty, Action and Digitally Manipulated. third place for Lyn Hayward (subject was MGB in the Mirror), second place David Hall (still photograph of a MGTF Classic).

Best Club Magazine: G – Torque MGCC Geelong

Best Web site: Gold Coast MGCC

Hard Luck: Peter Rayment



Pre MGA: Jason Edwards (South Australia, MG TD)

Post MG TF: Alan Fabry (Victoria, MGC GT and Roadster)

Modern MG: Max Irvine (Victoria, MGF-TF 160)


1st John Hastie (Victoria, MGB); 2nd Paul Slawinski (Victoria, MGB); 3rd Graham Adams (Victoria, MG Midget).


1 st Tony Vollebregt (Victoria, MGZR); 2 nd Peter Mathwin (South Australia, MGB GT V8); 3 rd Stephen Riley (Queensland, MGB V8).


Mark D’Atri and Lorraine D’Atri (Victoria, MGF).

JEAN KIMBER-COOK PERPETUAL TROPHY for the best score by a Junior Driver in the Motorkhana: Tatiana Morgan (Victoria, MGB GT Rubber Nose);

CHRIS DOBBS MEMORIAL TROPHY for the highest aggregate point score by an entrant with an MGB GT V8: Graeme Ruby (Geelong, MGB GT V8);

NEW ZEALAND PLATE to the entrant with a T Type with the best aggregate point score: Jason Edwards (South Australia, MGTD);

GOLDEN GUDGEON TROPHY to the entrant with a T Type with the best aggregate point score: Peter Richards (Tasmania, MGTC);

TC OWNERS CLUB PERPETUAL PRE WAR PLATE awarded to the driver of the Pre War MG attaining the highest point score in competition: David Morgan (Victoria, MG M Type);

JOAN RICHMOND TROPHY awarded to the female entrant who achieves the highest aggregate score over all competition events: Bronwyn Zuber (Tasmania, MG 1100);

IAN CURREN-WALKER TROPHY to the male entrant with the highest aggregate score over all competition events: Jason Edwards (South Australia, MGTD);

CECIL KIMBER CENTENNIAL TROPHY awarded to the individual competitor attaining the highest points in all events: Jason Edwards (South Australia, MGTD);

NUFFIELD OCEANIA TROPHY which is based on the Concours and motorkhana only and each club is represented by 2% of their nominated MG ownership membership. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 then averaged. TC Owners (0.2); Canberra (2.2); Hunter and Wagga Wagga (4.8); Sydney (5.5); Geelong (7.6); Tasmania (10.6); Newcastle (11); South Australia (11.4); Victoria (11.55); Queensland (12.17).  

JOHN WRATTEN MEMORIAL TROPHY for the club obtaining the most points over all four competitive events adjusted by the Fudge Factor: Western Australia (1 point); TC Owners (8.8); MG Restorers (18.4); Canberra (54.1); MG Owners (111.6); Hunter (127.7); Wagga (133.7); Geelong (158.1); New South Wales (309); Newcastle (401.6); South Australia (455); Queensland (654.1); Tasmania (825.5); Victoria (1202 .3 points).

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