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With the rain which was forecast for Sunday, 2 June not eventuating, the weather allowed for a day of fierce and keen competition with Dean Amos (from NSW) becoming the Qld Hillclimb Champion for 2019 with a sizzling time of 35.95s from second placed Dean Tighe of QLD (36.24) and Brett Hayward of VIC (36.62), a time he set on his second run and most likely would have bettered except for his accident on the way to the finish line on the third run.


Three existing records were broken - by Gary Ford, Philip Dalton and Ferris Lee - while records were established in three historic classes by Rod Johns,  Alan Telfer and Michael Gehde setting times for competitors in their classes  to try to better next year.


The day was a day of many highs and unfortunately two lows when top competitors, Brett Hayward and Ed McCane each damaged their cars - Brett on the way to the finish line and Ed on the exit from the second loop.


A significant high spot of the day was the welcoming of a new member, the 26th, to the Under 40s Club when Brett Bull did a 39.85 time in his Van Diemen RF03K.

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Winners of major trophies and awards were:

Winner of a special award for Junior competitor - Jeremy Mattea

Fastest female competitor - Pauline Graham

The Martin Tighe Trophy for best Formula Ford - Rick Miles

The Paul Aitken Trophy for best average time by a motorcycle powered car - Paul van Wijk

The Hamilton Trophy for best performance by an historic car - Gary Ford

John English Trophy for fastest Queenslander - Dean Tighe

Glyn Scott Trophy for fastest sports car - Mark Crespan

Vince Appleby Trophy for fastest sedan - Ross Mackay

Tasman Building Society for FTD - Dean Amos


Photos are of the presentation of trophies at which Dick Johnson, our  Club Patron, was present to congratulate the winners and present the  trophies. Thank you, Dick.


Photos taken at the QHC by David Woodley can be viewed at

Peter Buchanan's photos --

Ian Colley's photos from the Qld Hillclimb Championships can be viewed and/or purchased here. The usual deal applies, all photos of an entrant (2400 x 1800) for $50 until the end of the month.

Photographs by Lyn Pryor

Below is a very small selection from a large number of photographs taken at the QHC  by Craig Hutchinson. All of the photos can be viewed on the Club Facebook page or on Craig's which is called CH Images.

Photos by Dave Woodley

Presentation of Trophies

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