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What an interesting hillclimb! So many cars we'd not seen at the hillclimb before but hopefully will see again! And great to see the teams together in the pits proudly showing off their affiliation either by marque (e.g.Toyota 86) or common interest (e.g.HSCCQ).

The results were interesting and it was evident at the presentation that the outcome was unknown and a total surprise to all including the winning team!

Not surprisingly some regular hillclimb competitors featured in each of the winning teams including many MGCCQ members who have dual club memberships. Third placed team was the SX3Qld team which included Gary Goulding and Brad Smith of MGCCQ, second was one of the two teams entered by MGCCQ - 'the Five Shades of Grey' team composed of Ross Mackay, Mark Trenoweth, Dean Tighe, Ken Graham and Pauline Graham.


The winning team was that of the HRCCQ which included three MGCCQ members, Barry Smith, Peter Gilbert and Vern Hamilton.


Ian Colley's photos and videos from the CAMS Club challenge hillclimb on April 2nd are now available for your viewing and purchase. He also has a special offer which you can read about at where you will also find the link to his photos and videos.

CAMS Speed Read for April 2017 contains a few photos from the CAMS Club Challenge Hillclimb held at Mt Cotton on April 2. There is also a link there on page 20 to a great number of photos from the event. The link is reproduced here and is…/camsmedia/sets/72157679649429942

Peter Buchanan has an album of photos with a difference taken at the CAMS Club challenge on his Facebook page Some of his photos are shown below. 

Click here for  results.

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