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The Club's first sprint meeting was held at Strathpine on 25 or 26 June 1955 and sprints were run there until its closure. The results of that first sprint meeting can be accessed here. When Strathpine closed, Lowood became the site for these events until its closure.

Some events were then held at Lakeside with the most recent being held at Queensland Raceway. Most of these recent events now are part of the Ironman weekend.

Line -up of cars for a sprint meeting – Photo from Dave Williams


At a 1956 Sprint meeting at Strathpine – Photo from Garnet Smith

MGCC Sprint meeting at Strathpine  30.06.1956 – photo from Ken Ebeling

Ready for the start – Photo from John Gill


1960 Ian Michels, Buchanan MG TF 1500 – photo from Ian Michels

1964 Lowood TR3A – Photo from Keith Anderson

At a 1956 Sprint meeting at Strathpine – Photo from Garnet Smith

Page from Ken Ebeling’s photo album devoted to the 30 June 56 sprint meeting

1959 sprint meeting. From left – Brian Tebble MG TD, Ian Michels 1953 Holden, ?, Thomas MGY….  Photo from Ian Michels

1963 Lowood sprints  - Photo from Keith Anderson

Aug 1964 - doing the flying ¼ mile in Kerry Horgan’s MGB at 103.5 mph (an experience which invigorated me but aged Kerry!) - Photo from Elaine Hamilton

1964 – line-up – the MGs - Photo from Elaine Hamilton

Aug – 1964 - Kerry’s turn - Photo from Elaine Hamilton

Lowood - Photo from Elaine Hamilton

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