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QLD HILLCLIMB CHAMPIONSHIPS, Saturday, 3 June - Sunday, 4 June, 2017

What a marvellous event -- great weather, large and appreciative crowd, great action on track topped by the mindblowing winning run of Malcolm Oastler's in a new outright record time of 35.25 secs -- yes, it's not a misprint - 35.25seconds!!! (See Malcolm in action in the banner!) This was backed up by other sub 40 times from Dean Tighe (who got down into the 36s) and Michael von Rappard (times in the 37s) and a whole host of personal bests and new records from other competitors.

The Ian Colley framed photo collage  which was raffled at the Qld Hillclimb Championships was won  by Warwick Hutchinson. 

Click here for OPR
Click here for Split Times

Ian Colley's Photos and videos of the QHC are now done and uploaded to his website and YouTube channel as per the following links. His usual special deal for photos is available as per the information on his blog page. 

Photos are here.
Video is here.

Ian Colley has posted his videos of runs at the QHC on Youtube at


Photos from David Woodley are available here.

Click here for Saturday Practice Photos
Click here for Trophy Presentations.
Sunday Photos below by Lyn Pryor

Photos from Sunday from Steve Spencer

For Sale now in Classifieds

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