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MT COTTON HILLCLIMB SERIES ROUND 6 - 30 Nov/1 December, 2019 October, 2019

Standout achievement at this event was Dean Amos setting a new class record time of 36.24 which also is the new outright record for closed/club competition. One other record was broken - this was the Sports Sedans up to 2000cc which was broken by Ross Mackay with a time of 44.41s.

A few photos of the event taken by Ian Colley are on the Club's official and unofficial Facebook pages with more to come from Ian.

Some still photos below, taken at Rd 6 of the Hillclimb series by Peter Buchanan. The running slideshow of all of Peter's photos from the event can be viewed on the Club's Facebook page and also on Peter's Facebook page.

Click here for Split Times.
Click here for OPR.

Photos from Neville Wostear, a photographer new to Mt Cotton.

Photos from Peter Buchanan.

Photos below were taken by David Woodley. More of his photos can be viewed here.

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