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Sunday photos from Rd 1 of the Hillclimb series from Steve Johns. Click each photo for a larger view. 

Any concerns that the absence of some of our prominent competitors would affect the event were quickly put to rest by the debut performances of some beautiful new cars in front of a substantial crowd of spectators. 


Word must have been out that it was going to be a good event because there was a great number of photographers scattered around the track in many vantage points aiming to outdo each other with the best photos. Links to them will be posted here as they become available.


New records were set by Ross Mackay (Sports Sedans up to 2000c), Craig Hughes (Formula Vee - 1600) and Alan Telfer (Group Q Sports) while Michael von Rappard, now in the Formula Libre up to 1300cc class came close to breaking Bill Norman's class record.

There were a couple of mechanical failures on cars to spoil their drivers' weekend, most spectacularly that on Chris Lake's car which found him careering spectacularly into the safety of the nut barrier, once again proving its worth and efficiency.

Two people having very successful debut performances in open wheelers were Greg Tebble in his first outing in his Group R Historic Formula Ford 2000 who was only 2 secs off the class record. Greg previously competed in Regularly in his beautiful Locost Roadster.  The other was Stephen Woodbridge having his first competitive run ever at Mt Cotton in his Dallara F396. He more than achieved his ambition of "getting into the 45s" with a class winning best time of 42.84 in the series runs which gave him 2nd outright for the weekend, topped by a 42.67 and second place in the Top Six run.


Fastest time of day, Top Six win and class win went to Michael von  Rappard after some gremlins on a couple of his early runs were found and dispatched. FTD time was a 38.66 which drew great applause from the appreciative crowd.

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