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A one day hillclimb was held at Mt Cotton on Saturday, 29 September incorporating two separate competitions both of which encourage a wide range of Car Clubs to compete so the entry list  included more Lotus, Porsche, BMW, Toyota 86, MX5, MR2, Holden, MG, Triumph, Afla Romeo and Datsun Z cars than are generally in the hillclimb entry lists.

One of the competitions is promoted and organised by CAMS as part of an Australia-wide competition known as the CAMS Club Challenge Australia which was initiated and run for the first time last year and is a one event only per year per State. The other is part of a long-running Queensland-based competition, known as the Interclub Challenge, during which each Club promotes an event of a different type throughout the course of the year e.g. the Holden Sporting Car Club promotes motorkhanas and similar events, the Porsche Club puts on a sprint, MGCCQ puts on the hillclimb etc.

After the first five rounds of this series, the Porsche Car Club was leading with 89 points from the BMW Club with 88 points, (Toyota) 86 Club with 83 points, MR2 Club with 82 and MX5 Club with 81.

The event started at 9.15am. Entry for spectators was free and excellent viewing of the whole circuit was available from the spectator terraces. The canteen was operating providing its usual high quality food and drinks.

YouTube video below was provoded by Cale Teale.


Below the video is a small selection of photos taken by Craig Hutchinson on Saturday at the CAMS Hillclimb.  A full album of his photos (including one of the team which represented MGCCQ and came third in the event) is now live on his Facebook page.

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