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The weekend's competition could best be described as weather affected - heat on Saturday and rain on Sunday. However the heat did not stop Greg Tebble from breaking the Group R - Racing record not just once, but twice though Sunday's weather put a stop to any chance of any more record breaking runs.

Peter Buchanan was there on Saturday and took the photos. below 

Steve John's braved the weather on Sunday; his photos are also here below. Ian Colley's photos from Round 2 and links to photos and videos on his blog page are available here. The videos are from the 2nd run on Saturday. He videod most cars (about 52).

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Photos from Ken Krenske taken on Saturday

Sunday competition at the hillclimb was rain affected but stalwart competitors still found something to bring a smile to their faces. 

Steve Johns was there on Sunday and captured the following photos showing a range of weather on and off track.

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