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50th ANNIVERSARY HILLCLIMB, 18 February, 2018

Photos below were taken at the 50th anniversary event at the hillclimb on 18 February. Photos below are from Peter Buchanan of the official ceremony and unveiling of the  plaque by Dick Johnson at Mt Cotton 18 Feb.

There is a visual feast for you of photos taken by Ian Colley on both  Saturday at the Clubrooms and Sunday at the Hillclimb on his website - just follow this link.

Photos from Peter Buchanan of the starting line for the first run when drivers were interviewed by Don McLachlan.

Our thanks to Steve Johns for supplying these photos. They may also be viewed on his Facebook page.

Just some of the cars not normally seen in he pits these days. Many thanks to all those who brought them along to remind us of the 'old days'. Many thanks to Peter Buchanan for them.

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