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This selection of photos from Paul Lupton and Lyn Rushby includes photos of the Timeline of National meeting photos, the gathering together, briefing and start of the observation run, a photo of the theme night venue, Shaun Rankin with the regalia trailer and Richard Mattea with Peter Cook from the UK.

Friday night at the National Meeting was Noggin 'n' Natter and Rocker Cover racing night (Photos from David Hall and Lyn Hayward)


These photos were taken at the Presentation of Trophies night and are only a small selection of those taken by Ian Colley on the night. Go to his website here and view the other few hundred and you won't be disappointed! All of Ian Colley's photos are now loaded onto his website and are available for viewing and purchase here


You are able to buy, direct from his web site, individual photos from the Concours, Hillclimb or Motorkhana as digital downloads in two sizes or as prints up to 8” x 12” all shown on the photo viewing pages. You also still have the option to purchase all photos of your car by entrant/driver for $50 (digital download) or $65 (photos supplied on USB delivered to an address in Australia). The latter two options are the best value for those that competed in the Hillclimb and Motorkhana. Please note that the $50 offer is until the end of May at which point Jim archives the photos and removes them from his computer. Then all the photos will go back to the normal price of $100 per entrant, same as the normal Hillclimbs.

If entrants want to take advantage of the bulk download option they need to contact Jim via email or phone with details of their car and the event/s they competed in.


Ian Colley Photography - 0426 26 55 39 -

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