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John Fransen
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MGCCQ-FNQ Chapter News

By Pauline Hepburn

Sunday 25th November 2020 - “Cane Fields, Views and Lunch”

In great weather for topless driving, six cars met at Earlville Shopping Centre for a 10am departure. It was a green invasion, with three green MGs, plus a red and a white one. The maroon Daimler towered over them.

Convoy rules were distributed, and we kept together really well, which was appreciated by Tony in the ’34 PA at the rear. We enjoyed a very sedate drive past cane fields, farms, landscape suppliers and tandem parachute landing grounds east of Edmonton. After joining the Yarrabah Rd. we had views across the inlet to Cairns. The cars parked at the boat ramp at Second Beach to admire the view, then drove back to Giangurra Park.

Morning Tea was taken here in the shade of lovely big Tamarind and Beach Almond trees. The shade and ocean breeze were appreciated, and we relaxed, chatted, and enjoyed the view back over the inlet towards the Cairns CBD. Alan and Aileen joined us here.

We now returned on Yarrabah Rd., and turned left opposite the Redbank Boat Ramp towards Gordonvale in good convoy order, passing farmland, horse paddocks and substantial residences, before arriving at the historic Parkview Hotel, which has been extensively renovated.

Steve and Maureen joined us here at a table signed “Welcome to GM Car Club” (a spot of dyslexia perhaps?). We enjoyed a substantial lunch in cool and comfortable surroundings, with the usual banter and tall tales circulating amongst like- minded members of our friendly Chapter.


Tony Basham -  Green MG PA

Kay and Harvey Williams - Green MG TD Supercharged

Tony Boland and mate Wal - Green MG TD

Val and Dave Murray - White MGB

Leon Johnston - Red MG Midget Mk4     

Graham and Pauline Hepburn - Maroon Daimler Double 6

Steve and Maureen Girardi - Modern

Alan Belfield an Aileen  - Modern

1. Cars lined up before the start.
2. A break on the drive.
3. Swimming not recommended at our boat ramps.
4. Harvey and Kay confused by our welcome.


MGCCQ-FNQ Chapter News

Saturday 14 December 2019

Christmas Dinner – Paradise Palms Golf Club, Palm Cove


John and Cherie Fransen

Dave and Val Murray

Kim and Fiona Halloran

Bob and Patty Ingram

Harvey and Kay Williams

Brendon and June Hammersley

Pauline and Graham Hepburn

Steve and Maureen Girardi

Tony Boland and Yanti

Chris and Val Millar

Unfortunately Barry Moran and Maureen were unable to join us, however had planned to come.

 Our end of year dinner was at Paradise Palms Golf Course, it is always nice to finish off with a Christmas get together to discuss the year that was, have a bit of festive fare, laugh and to wish each other well for Christmas and the New Year. A buffet meal was set with a few other separate parties going on around us too. Interestingly enough the DJ for the night has an MG too but off the road for a bit with some head gasket issues...... seems everyone has an MG story of some sort, haha.

Here is a picture of our group for the night, there was a few other fun, but dodgy pictures that we will leave to the imagination, not for publication, tee hee.


We take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and all the best too for the New Year, may 2020 be a great one. On behalf of the FNQ Chapter I know we are all looking forward to spending more time with our local group next year and also the other Chapters at different organised events, both state based and nationally. Thank you for the support we have received from our FNQ Members helping plan and organise events, as well as the comradery we experience each year from the Qld committee members and all their expanse of helpers too.


We might be a long way away up here in FNQ, but we always feel that you are not really that far away if assistance is needed.  That is us for 2019 it was a fun year, cheers John and Cherie   


MGCCQ-FNQ Chapter News

Sunday 2 February 2020 - Ellis Beach to Mossman Run

Participants – John and Cherie purple Ford ute, Tony red TD, Leon red Midget, Graham and Pauline burgundy Daimler, Dave and Val white MGB, Alan and Eileen burgundy MGF, Ken Spain blue MGB Kim and Fiona black MX5, Brendon and June white MGB, John and Helen yellow MGB, Bob and Patty white Hilux, Ken and Irene blue MGB, Harvey and Kay green TD, Tony and Yanti black Porsche.

Sunday run (first for FNQ’s year), with the starting point being Smithfield in the park and then moving on to morning tea at Ellis Beach. Excellent turnout numbers today for our little North Qld Chapter.

Weather was steamy today, not unusual for the tropics at this time of year, but gladly the rain held off and some chose to enjoy the sunshine with the lids off. Coffees and teas drunk overlooking the beach at Ellis, bit of cake for some and late breaky for others, then we were on our way. 

Following the coast line, overlooking the beautiful expanse of the Pacific Ocean, so sparkling and blue we made our way up past Port Douglas onto the little township of Mossman.

Original plan was lunch in the main street at the Exchange Hotel, however it was still being renovated, and had a few days left until reopening, so unfazed we headed down the street and ended up swamping the Mossman Bowls Club instead, nice food, air-conditioning and time for a catch up chat. See sign, lucky our Club colours aren’t considered in the banned groups, haha. All in all a great start to 2020.

P.S. No photos (ooops forgot to take some), 12 January we had wonderful attendance for our New Year get together, meeting at the Hepburn’s place - back deck overlooking Graham’s impressive vehicle sheds, with hoist and all types of paraphernalia collected over the years.


Great opportunity to discuss and make a decent list of ideas for potential trips/adventures for the year ahead, as well as receiving some appreciated volunteers offering to assist helping run the Chapter a bit more. Thanks goes to all for bringing a plate to share and to Graham and Pauline for holding the gathering at their residence.


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