Cars at the event - photos by Mark Wellard


Trophy winners by Matt Johnson.


This event derives from an earlier one called a Concours d’Elegance which originated in Paris in the early 20th century. It was a combined showcase of fashion and cars. It was revived at Surfers Paradise as part of the Speed Week held there in the 70s.MG Car Clubs formed in Australia from the early 1950’s picked up the event as one of their annual features and in 1970 incorporated it as a National event in their Annual National Meetings. 


Our Club has presented a trophy for Concours since 1962 when Denis Geary presented the Club with a trophy for this purpose.

The first winner was Tom Armstrong. The current Concours event is confined to judging vehicles for their relative merits in terms of finish, originality, cleanliness and appointments. The coachwork design is not a factor, but is for the purpose of determining classes, the determinant of the the marque. The basic intent of the Concours is aimed at ‘Maintaining the Marque’. 

(The above is a summary of the introduction to the Club’s Concours Procedures Manual.)  The full text of the manual – 50 pages – may be downloaded here .


Malcolm Campbell was our major photographer at our Concours events in 2012 and 2014 and, with our Concours on very recently, he got nostalgic, put his photos from both events onto Flickr and made them available for all to see - or download - by using the links and instructions below: Enjoy!

2012 Concours     

2014 Concours   

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Ross Kelly has made the files for the four celebratory posters to be downloaded from here. These are low res files but Ross will send you a high res file on request via email to  You can then print your own good quality copy of the poster or get a business to do it for you. The Club uses Cost Less Copies who can print and laminate a poster for approx $30 plus post and packaging.

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